The McLaren 765 LT Spider is the best open-top supercar on sale: change my mind

But you can't. Because it's made up

7w ago

Picking your favorite super car brand is a bit like picking your favorite football team: you can only do it once and you gotta do it right.

Ferrari is out, partly because it would be the obvious choice, partly because I don’t like some of their policies when it comes to allocating cars; Lambo is great that you would be a big predictable and Porsche is not a super car brand as they build a bunch of different cars. So many years ago I picked McLaren.

There were two reasons: 1, I grew up dreaming of the Dodge Viper and the McLaren F1 and 2, McLaren allowed me to take one of their supercars for an (official) test drive before any other top-notch brand did.

There’s something special about them, maybe because a McLaren is a relatively rare sight. Or maybe it’s because there’s something identifiable about their vehicles. When you think of McLaren the same proportions and lines - and dihedral doors- will always spring to mind.

Ben ‘Buick Skylark’ Welham called this a topless “track-focused” monster with no roof but even he is presumably aware that this’ll go nowhere near a track. And, dare I say, that’s not where it belongs. And while I fully expect to see this in Knightsbridge, doing 9 mph around Harrods, I actually want to see it on the Transfăgărășan.

The 765 LT spider, with its long tail and its twin-turbo, 765-PS (hence the name) V8 and a price tag that’s dangerously close to £300,000 is a great reminder of why we love cars: it makes no sense, it’s not rational, it costs way too much money but we still want it. A poster on the wall of our mind.

Is this the best topless supercar on sale today?

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Comments (17)

  • You’re forgetting about this.

      1 month ago
  • Ummm…..if we talking supercar, don’t mind me proposing the *Pulls out presentation* PAGANI ZONDA 760 RS

      1 month ago
  • McLaren is the dullest of all the exiting cars out there.

      1 month ago
  • I wholly agree and that’s my hear talking. My head says a used 720s spider for significantly less and loads of cash left over to enjoy it. Also have to hear in mind options will be expensive so that price quotes is the starting price……. Ouch!!!

      1 month ago
  • The McLaren 765 LT Spider is the best open-top supercar on sale: change my mind @tribe

      1 month ago
    • What is the criteria for being a super car in your opinion and I’ll change your mind

        1 month ago
    • interesting question. I guess it has to be more powerful than the average sportscar (450/500 hp or more), it doesn't have to be limited edition but it can't be readily available, it has to be a bit more rare and exclusive, and I'd say it has to...

      Read more
        1 month ago