The McLaren Configurator Quiz

2y ago


What Colour Is This?

  • Azores Orange
  • Helios Orange
  • Papaya Spark Orange

What Colour Is This?

  • Belize Blue
  • Ludus Blue
  • Paris Blue

What Colour Is This?

  • Muriwai White
  • Glacier White
  • Silica White

What Colour Is This?

  • Amethyst Black
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Quartz Purple

What Colour Is This?

  • Solis
  • Aztec Gold

What Colour Is This?

  • Paris Blue
  • Aura Blue
  • Burton Blue

What Are These Wheels Called?

  • 10 Spoke Leightweight Diamond Cut
  • 10 Spoke Leightweight Satin Diamond Cut
  • 10 Spoke Semi Colour Silver And Matt Black

What Are These Wheels Called?

  • 5 Twin Spoke Leightweight
  • 5 Twin Spoke Leightweight Platinum

What are the standard brakes that come on a 720s?

  • Ceramic
  • Carbon Ceramic

What carbon fibre package has this car got?

  • Stealth Carbon
  • Pack 1
  • Pack 3

What is the name of this interior colour?

  • Black
  • Black and Scoria Grey

What type of seat is this?

  • Carbon Fibre Racing Seats
  • Sports Seats

What colour seat belt is this?

  • McLaren Orange
  • Helios Orange
  • Orange

What is this steering wheel called?

  • Carbon Fibre Race Wheel
  • MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Wheel
  • Gloss Carbon Fibre Wheel

This 720s has no options fitted (it is completely standard), what 720s model is it?

  • 720s
  • 720s Luxury
  • 720s Performance

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