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The Mclaren "GULF" P1

A review on my 1:24 Mclaren P1 and why it has the Gulf livery and some few other quirks and features that make it the WIDOW MAKER.

38w ago

We all know the holy trinity of cars right? The masterpieces from Ferrari, Mclaren and Porsche which showcased technology that was out of this world. Well this one right here is the beast among them. It is not forgiving like the other two. If you feather the throttle a bit too much, then it's game over. That's how hard core this car is. But why does this particular car come with the gulf livery?

Mclaren and Gulf

Gulf's link with Mclaren started in 1968 and went on until 1973. The partnership will show domination in F1 and the CAN-AM series, in which they won over 40 races. In 1990, the legendary Mclaren F1 GTR showed these colors in the 24 HRS of Le-Mans. This legendary historical relationship and the renewed partnership between them for F1 2021 is the reason why I chose this livery for my Mclaren P1 made by Motormax. The historical significance just makes this car so much more special than it already is.

Quirks and Features

Dihedral doors.

Dihedral doors.

Now, who doesn't like a car that has doors that open upwards? These dihedral doors just make this car look like an absolute beast even in model car form. And not to mention, the various scoops and vents that cover the car for better airflow and that massive wing at the back to keep the car planted around corners.

Notice the roof scoop on the top and the vents on the wheel arches. These tiny details are abundant in a car of this scale. But what is not abundant is the interior. As always, I am not happy with the way companies make 1:24 model with horrible interiors. The exterior is gorgeous but the interior is nowhere near.

Fit and finish

Quality is excellent. The feel of metal and look alike carbon fibre is just marvelous and the way the doors just close with a satisfying "click" make it a good bang for the buck. All the moving parts such as the wheels and the doors just function seamlessly. For a price of $25 I would say this is pretty good for what you are paying. Some improvements may include an adjustable wing, better interior and a way to look at the twin turbo V8 inside.


Since this is one of the holy trinity, it is a good addition to your collection. If you are someone who is entering the world of model cars then this scale, that is 1:24 is the one to go for. If you are someone who wants more detail and someone who can afford costlier options then 1:18 is the one to go for.

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  • Better watch out with your quirks and features bit, or Doug demuro will come film you with a tripod while you sleep.

      8 months ago
    • haha I kept it as a small tribute to him. Kudos to you for noticing that!

        8 months ago