- T​he Mclaren Speedtail that was used at the Kennedy Space Center

T​he Mclaren Speedtail has achieved 250 MPH!

The Mcaren speedtail has achieved 250 mph multiple times at the Kennedy Space center runway.

T​he new Mclaren Speedtail Successfully achieved 250 mph 30 times during testing as Mclaren claims. The car was tested at the 15,000 Feet long Kennedy Space Center Runway which is often used to test rockets. The Speedtails powertrain and hybrid system work together to pump out an astonishing 1,035 Horsepower and 848 pound feet of torque. The car had its tires changed multiple times(which makes sense) after dealing with extreme heat from incredible speeds. Mclaren claims that they chose the Kennedy Space Center Runway because not only was it perfect for testing straight-line speed but they wanted to test its aerodynamic function. Well the Speedtail has Achieved it goal of 250 Mph making it the words fastest road-going Mclaren ever built. Only 106 will be produced and they will cost $2,000,000!

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