The Mclaren Speedtail, is it the best car right now

      The brand new Mclaren Speedtail is an engineering perfection and probably one of the best cars launched in a long time, here's why,

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      The Speedtail brings back the iconic 3-seater layout, where the driver sits in the middle and the passengers sits behind. This has not been seen since the mighty Mclaren F1. The interior is a sight to behold, the seats are basically carbon buckets with foam and leather, but the leather used in the car is 30% lighter than normal leather and of course you can choose which ever colour you like. The drive,neutral,reverse buttons are mounted overhead which makes you feel a fighter pilot.

      The Exterior is a marvel in chemistry, the body bend of carbon fibre and titanium. Because of this alloy, the car is more flexible and stronger than it would be if they had used an all carbon body. Since its also consist of titanium, the customers can choose an anodized colour scheme. Sticking to the exterior, the most amazing thing about the exterior is the active aero, normally a wing is used for downforce but in the Speedtail, the back end splits and bends to push the air. the front wheels are covered by a special aero hubcaps which directs the air to the body.

      One of its many cool features is that it doesn't have sun visors, instead the upper part of the windshield is a Photochromic, which means it can tint itself automatically and the other cool feature is that it has retractable piece on the door with a camera inside which acts as the mirror. When the car is going at 250mph the piece goes inside for better aerodynamics.How cool is that!!

      On the performance side, Mclaren say it has more than 1000bhp and a top speed of 240+mph which is powered by a hybrid engine, details of the engine is not yet given. The aerodynamics of the car favour in terms of cutting the air to go faster,rather than the usual track focused downforce. The car might not be very agile as it is 5.2 meters in length.

      Now you might think "hmm....nice car. but can i buy it ?" unfortunately no, Mclaren will make only 106 cars and yes they have been sold out already. But if you did get the letter from Mclaren saying you can buy, they did write on the letter that it would cost you $2 million+ and that does not include local taxes. the other aspect for not buying it is... i don't think it looks good from the front.

      But is it the best car right now, in some aspect yes it is, because when a new Hypercar launches, they are basically the same, a track monster designed to go round the Nurburgring in 6 minutes time and to have a billion tons of downforce in the corners. So this car and the likes of the Bugatti Chiron and the Regera are favoured for more road users, but among these cars...only the Mclaren has the best driving position.

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