The mid-engine Mini of Vanina Ickx once suffered from a snapped throttle cable. How did she get it to the pits?

  • She pushed it to the pits
  • She replaced the cable with one of her shoe laces
  • She got pushed there by the second Mini of the team
  • She got towed by the second Mini of the team

In the 1998 Argentina rally, Colin McRae managed to bend a part of the rear suspension. How did they fix it?

  • They didn't, Colin just kept driving
  • Replace it with the suspension of a spectators car
  • Bash it with a rock
  • Bend the suspension on the other side to make the car drive straight again

What made the Maserati 450S Coupe so dangerous?

  • Bad fuel lines made it catch on fire all the time
  • Catastrophic oversteer
  • The wheels kept falling of
  • The exhaust gases got into the cockpit

Henri Pescarolo did his night shift in the 1968 24H of Le Mans without?

  • Wipers
  • Power steering
  • Headlights
  • Brakes

60 cars were present at the start of the 1989 Ivory Coast rally. How many made it to the end?

  • 23
  • 14
  • 7
  • 3

Craig Breedlove's land speed record car lost it's parachute at 846 km/h. How long did it take for him to stop?

  • 5.4 kilometers
  • 8.7 kilometers
  • 9.6 kilometers
  • 11.2 kilometer

Art Afrons crashed his Land speed racer 2 years later and also managed to survive it. How fast was he going?

  • 740 km/h
  • 840 km/h
  • 940 km/h
  • 978.5 km/h

What was the main reason behind the NISMO GT-R LM being so slow at the 2015 24H of Le Mans?

  • The Hybrid system didn't work
  • It only had 700 horsepower
  • Malfunctioning turbos
  • The pit speed limiter was stuck on

This 1986 Opel Kadett rally car was the cause of a big controversy. Why?

  • It had Porsche turbos
  • The wheels were from an Audi
  • It used the gearbox of a Mitsubishi
  • It had a Ford engine
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