T​he Mercedes-AMG A45S is it the perfect hatch ?

w​e take a look at the New A45s and why it's described as the Hyper-Hatch and will it's competitors rise up to the occasion.

1y ago

w​ith the launch of the A35 and Mercedes announcing that they'll be launching the A45 and an A45s a year ago many motorists and members of the Drivetribe were excited to see what else could Mercedes do with their newly designed A-Class.

With that being said the response from the motoring community has been more than positive and defiantly fits the bracket that Mercedes has put it in "the Hyper-Hatch" , the A45s Performance figures are simply out of this world for hatch back the A45s is equipped with a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbo charged engined, 415 Hp and Mercedes AMG claiming it goes 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 270 KM/h is just simply out of this world.

being a motoring enthusiast there are not of negatives when it comes to the A45s and the only oneI can think of is the price point being a South African the car sits at a price of 1 million Rand and the only negative about that is what other cars you can get at that price point, but with that being said if I had the budget it will defiantly be a car I'd consider as a daily.

So what does it mean for it's competitors with Audi & BMW, as we know we've seen the new Rs3 on the Nurburgring being tested and there's no doubt it will perform and compete with the A45s but my worry is with BMW and the secrecy around the M140i, as we know the BMW M135i was controversial with its new design and being an AWD with it's XDrive system it definitely held it's weight against the A35 it just rasises a question whether BMW will launch an M140i a fan favourite and personally my favourite hatch back all I can hope for is that BMW & Audi can really take it to Mercedes because what Mercedes have done with the A45s is perfect.

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