The Mercedes-AMG G63 Racing Green Edition might just be the best-looking G-Wagen out there

Carlex Design has transformed the G-Class into something that it must be said is spec'd impeccably.

27w ago

While the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen originally started out in life as a humble military vehicle, over the years it has become revered as more of a status symbol that still manages to combine luxury and off-road competence, particularly when it comes to the redesigned model which first launched back in 2018.

However, if a top-spec Mercedes-AMG G63 like you can buy fresh out of the box at a Merc showroom isn't quite luxurious enough for you, there are aftermarket companies you can turn to that will take your G to the next level.

One such company is Poland-based Carlex Design which has recently lifted the lid on one of the best looking G-Wagens we've seen yet – the Racing Green Edition.

As you might have guessed by the name, it's only available in one shade – a deep emerald green that draws its inspiration from the traditional British Racing Green hue – but that's not a problem in our eyes as it's a colour that looks great on just about anything.

To enhance the exterior design further, a carbon fibre roof and spare wheel cover have been fitted as well, along with a number of other subtle changes including badging, decals, and a lick of bronze paint for the brake calipers. The 22-inch wheels with a subtle gold-flake finish are certainly eye-catching, too.

Don't think the interior has been forgotten about, though, as it's actually where some of the greatest and most appreciated changes come.

A self-described "atmospheric and intimate interior space," the interior pairs beautifully perforated brown leather with some dark bottle green leather highlights that feature everything from unique embossing to baseball-glove stitching, along with an extensive array Alcantara and carbon fibre elements elsewhere on the inside as well.

While the visual and tactile changes are extensive, Carlex Design does leave the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet alone, although with 577bhp on tap it's not exactly like it was lacking in any way.

Let us know what you think of this reworked G-Wagen though...

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Comments (4)

  • Racing green > any other colour

      6 months ago
  • I don’t like it, I might be the only one but I stand by my initial instincts. I like the G63s so it’s definitively the colour I don’t like!

      6 months ago
  • Oh, for God's sake put that old German Army Truck out of its misery. Even LandRover has killed off the ladder chassis Defender, and that was so long past its sell-by date that it could TRULY be called a legend (Greatness, all in the Past).

      6 months ago
    • That's because land rover had to cut costs since they're in a economic shit hole. Mercedes actually have demand for the G class why'd they stop

        6 months ago