The Mercedes AMG GT R is now a convertible – but you probably can't have it

3w ago


Imagine Porsche chopping the roof off a GT3RS. You can't, can you? They'd never do it. Having a roof seems a structurally vital part of a hardcore track car.

Mercedes-AMG, however, just went fully mad by releasing this: the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. It's a convertible version of the GT R, their four-wheel-steer, 585bhp rocket ship.

And given that convertibles are always better, we're very excited about it. Here are the details, including why you probably won't be able to get your hands on one.

Roof goes up…

Roof goes down…

Still a V8-powered engineering marvel, just with less roof

You might be thinking that Mercedes has gone all soft, but the AMG GT R Roadster appears to carry over everything that made the coupe so special.

You still get adjustable coilovers, rear-wheel steering and active aero to suck you to the racetrack or road, although presumably you'll be very much breaking the speed limits to feel it work on the road.

The 585hp 4.0-litre, bi-turbo V8 is present and correct too, which means you can be punted to 62mph in 3.6 seconds and on to a toupee-troubling 197mph. That's the same 0-62mph time and about half a second slower at the top end than the hardtop version.

This is frankly silly for a convertible and therefore we like it a lot.

Will chopping the roof off ruin the GT R's magic?

I mean, he looks like he's having fun

Without driving the car it's impossible to say, but the bods at AMG reckon the use of lightweight aluminium, magnesium and carbon braces under the body will keep the GT R Roadster's chassis taut.

Quick maths reveals that the Roadster does suffer an 80kg weight penalty compared to the regular GT R, despite the use of the 'normal AMG GT Roadster's fancy triple-layer convertible roof which, again, uses a mix of lightweight magnesium and aluminium to keep things as flighty as possible.

The interior is largely standard GT R fare, including the traction control knob on the steering wheel

Otherwise it's GT R as usual, albeit you can add Mercedes' neck-warming Airscarf system as an option.

Because you wouldn't want to catch a chill at 197mph, would you?

Do you want one?

Well you'll have to be quick. Because Mercedes is only going to make 750 AMG GT R Roadsters. Which is a pity, because it sounds on paper like a fantastic track-ready convertible. And we need more of those.

Now, who's up for sending a roof-removal team round to Porsche's GT3RS design office?