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Let's get this out of the way; there is a new age of hypercars coming. Sure, there have been many special cars to come from manufactures in the past 30 years. Some include the Ferrari F40, McLaren F1, and the Bugatti Veyron. All three of those cars were innovators for the time they were made. They were the peak of engineering in their respective decades and now, the game has moved on with the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

The Project One is the first car to basically be a fully fledged F1 car made for the road. Yes, there have been cars with F1 based technology and even engines but, not one manufacture has taken the fundamental basics from a F1 car and then re-engineered for the road. Due to the nature of the project, the same engine from the Mercedes W07 F1 is used in the Project One but with slight modification to meet emission regulations and achieve decent fuel economy...like that really matters if you're in the market for one in the first place. The engine alone produces 750bhp and mated with the four electric motors producing an additional 270bhp. In total, the finished car produced 1020bhp. The car should weigh about 1300kg so the Project One will be FAST.

The chassis of the car share a lot in common with the Mercedes W07 F1 car

The gearbox is designed with lightness in mind so, it is an 8-speed automated manual design with a single clutch plate. Again, sharing a lot of technology with the F1 car, it will have a KERS system and the batteries are taken directly from the F1 car. However, this has been adapted for road use. The Project One will also be able to drive under electric power for up to 16 miles. The car will also have a 4WD system which in part is down to it being a hybrid and motors being behind the front wheels.

So, the Project One will be an amazing car to drive on track, but it has also been designed to be used everyday. This means for the interior, you'd be getting the latest infotainment systems from Mercedes. There are two, driver focused high resolution screens which display everything you need. The Project One also offers other luxuries you wouldn't find in a F1 car such as wireless phone charging, climate control, a standard range of driver assistance systems, a F1 styles steering wheel and so on.

The interior of the Project One

Being a road legal F1 car, there are downsides to this car. The engine has to be replaced every 31,000 miles, the seats are moulded into the carbon fibre tub of the car and all of them have been sold out. Only 275 will be made, costing at $2.7 million, and that's before local taxes and customisation from the owners. So realistically, the price of the Project One is closer to $4 million. This is actually a relative bargain considering the average price of a F1 from the 2015 season was $8 million.

The Project One and the Aston Martin Valkyrie have started a new era of hypercars using racing technology and applying it to a road car. There are talks that the LaFerrari/918/P1 replacements would also rival the Project One, so the next five years will be very interesting for the hypercar market.