- The all new EQS will come with a two-tone paint scheme featuring high-gloss black and chrome.

The Mercedes Benz EQS is now available to order

Could this be an EV we all want?

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In recent years, electric car technology has been improving drastically. Both refinement and range over recent years have been reflected in the drastic increase in sales of EVs year on year. The EQS is the latest car to be born out of the market-wide shift to producing electric vehicles.

The EQS is an EV from Mercedes designed to cater for the high end luxury market. The interior shows this design ethic in its light, airy feel with a curves video display which is over 141 centimetres wide. The whole car from top to bottom is seemingly designed to put the driver in their own spaceship. Powering the EQS is Mercedes' modular platform designed for large luxury and executive-class EVs. It produces 333hp and, powered by a lithium-ion battery, can achieve a range of 453 miles which beats that of other vehicles in the market.

The interior is the real party-piece of the car as it comes as standard with a panoramic sunroof, heated seats, a 12.3 inch driver display, a multimedia system and their base driving assistance package and augmented navigation. The car can then be massively upgraded although this comes at a cost. The standard car costs a hefty £99,995 and once you start adding extras this can add another £18,000 to the price. The £7,000 AMG Line Premium package adds active interior lighting, acoustic privacy glass, a 360 degree camera, an upgraded driver assistance package and an upgraded surround sound system.

For an additional £7000 you can also get a more classic style with ship-deck wood, comfort seats, comfort headrests or you can opt for another trim of the same price which will give you climate control massage seats and Nappa leather upholstery in the Exclusive Luxury trim. This can then be upgraded for an additional £3995 to include rear massage seats, rear armrests with wireless charging, climate control rear seats, additional USBs and an interior assistant.

The exterior car does not show quite as much modernity as the interior as they have opted for a similar design to previous cars but it will feature AMG body styling elements and a two tone paint scheme using a high-gloss back and chrome banding.

Overall it is clear to see that the EQS is tailored more to the high end luxury market then to be a car for the masses but this flagship vehicle in the Mercedes line-up shows great promise for Mercedes in the electric market.

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  • That is a really cool interior but there is no point in buying one second hand, too risky

      2 months ago