The Mercedes EQC cutaway model is the coolest thing you'll see today

This is not a photoshopped image

35w ago

Usually we see the inside of a car via highly photoshopped images. Mercedes though have built an EQC cutaway model which makes electric mobility ''transparent''.

Mercedes asked 40 trainees to built a see-through model of the EQC so that people can see the innards of the EV.It took the trainees 36 hours to cut the body panels and 3 trainees used 8 grinding discs to cut 5 apertures in the bodywork. The sharp edges were smoothened the rough edges with 23 woven abrasive belts.

After that they installed 15 meters of LEDs to highlight the battery. Moreover, 50 metres of wiring was installed to power the LEDs. At the rear end of the car, it took 21 hours to turn 3 light bands into one.

What's more, the rear camera 10 hours to be put into place and some more gruelling hours to finish up the extremely detailed interior.

The team of trainees used to have an online video conference everyday for around 20 minutes. In total, the team did 650 minutes of conferencing to finish this extraordinary concept.

Kudos to the Merc team for finishing such a brilliant cutaway model.

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Comments (6)

  • Oh you young innocents! My generation (old people) are used to cutaway cars. They were the meat and potatoes of the Motor Show stands back in the day. In the days when people like my uncle, Ken Hollings, made a living drawing cutaways for the car magazines etc, as a 'commercial artist', in the days before computers existed outside secret laboratories, the real-life cutaway was created for the interested car buyer to see how their new car worked under the skin. These were often the work of apprentices, learning their trade at the great car manufacturing facilities. Mercedes is one of the few manufacturers that have created an EV nobody wants! Even the managing director thinks it's unadventurous, unimaginative and boring. This is doubtless a effort to instil some marvel into the blobby, old-school 'thing' they've managed to create. We all wait with bated breath for the new Mercedes EV range currently going through type approval and durability testing, wrapped in camouflage-dazzle and styrofoam disguise. It will be built on a similar floor pan and drive train I understand. Let us hope it gets Mercedes buyers' juices flowing, better than this effort!

      8 months ago
  • I’ve seen cutaways at museums, it’s hardly a new concept

      8 months ago
  • Good for Training and Education Purposes, would hate to Drive one...

      8 months ago
  • What if the cutaway version was made as a production car

      8 months ago