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The Mercedes EQC does not sell well in Germany

Only 55 units were sold in November

1y ago

In Europe in 2019, sales were not exceptional for the Mercedes EQC. And in some countries, the situation is even more striking. For example, a report in the German newspaper Die Welt states that Mercedes sold only 55 EQCs in Germany in November 2019, even though it was its home market where it was supposed to have the best sales.

This situation would be explainable if November was the first month in which the EQC was sold. However, the electric SUV began to be sold in Germany in the summer of 2019. Die Welt also wanted more explanations by asking for the precise sales figures of the EQC but the brand would have curiously refused to provide them on the pretext that they were not available.

The German newspaper persisted in asking the German Transport Federation directly for the sales figures. They were not glorious. In fact, only 55 EQCs were registered in November. Of these 55 vehicles, 19 were delivered with the AMG Line sporty trim.

That's extremely low, especially when you compare these numbers with those of the rival Audi E-Tron. The latter did much better, with 192 units sold during the month of November. Still, this figure is itself very low compared to the total number of new car registrations in Germany during the first 11 months of 2019. In this period, 3.6 million new cars were sold.

Photo credits Mercedes

Photo credits Mercedes

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  • Sorry it’s just you know it’s an electric SUV, that’s a Mercedes, so you’d think all the eco-loving stars would drive one

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  • Why tho

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