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The Mercedes EQS will be revealed in April and be available in twelve versions

Will it be picking up some S-Class customers?

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The presentation of the new Mercedes EQS is gradually approaching. The electric limousine will be unveiled next April and the German brand intends to strike a blow by imposing itself against the star of the segment which is the Tesla Model S. To do so, Mercedes will take out the big game and spoil the EQS with all kinds of features.

As the flagship of the electric range, the EQS will also set new standards in terms of interior design with an impressive dashboard, the MBUX Hyperscreen, which brings together three screens under a layer of glass. This gives the impression of a single display spread over a width of 56 inches or 1.41 metres.

We now know the whole range of the electrified limousine. It consists of twelve versions: EQS 350, EQS 400, EQS 420, EQS 450, EQS 500, EQS 520, EQS 560, EQS 580, EQS 600, EQS 53, EQS 55 and EQS 63. The least powerful should offer about 280 PS while the most sporty one should offer about 680 PS.

Two batteries with gross capacities of 90 and 110 kWh will be associated with the twelve versions. According to Mercedes, these batteries will be able to be recharged up to 80% on the latest generation Ionity fast charging stations in less than 20 minutes. The three AMG sporty models will arrive later in 2022 or 2023.

Photo credits Mercedes

Photo credits Mercedes

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  • The new S-Class certainly isn't a beauty, but it looks better than the EQS. Why do electric cars always have to look ugly?

      1 month ago
    • It annoys me as well, especially as it should be easier to make them good looking.

        1 month ago
    • Yeah, maybe the lack of the engine is the problem, maybe it makes the designers experiment with new lines that don't work.

        1 month ago