The Mercedes EQXX finally revealed!

Mercedes’ new electric 1,000 km range car

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A few months ago Mercedes has teased an all new electric concept car and that, with big words: They said that it will have a range of 1,000km (620 miles) ! That would be 220km (167 miles) more than Mercedes’ current flagship EV, the EQS luxury saloon. They have shown just an unclear teaser image, however today is the big day, because Mercedes has shown their latest invention to the world. What is so special about this concept and how big are the chances of it to enter production? Here are all the facts you need!


First of all, the obvious. When announced, it was speculated that the EQXX will be either a coupe or a saloon. The second speculation came true. The EQXX is a sporty styled long-tailed saloon. It might appear to look massive, however it actually is a bit smaller than the current C-Class. On the front of the car there is a relief for most people, the fake grill is gone! It has been replaced by a light bar that connects both lights and the usual spot for a grill is now fitted with lots of Mercedes stars. Speaking of which, the Germans have made it sure that you do not forget what you drive. Because besides the stars at the spot where normally one would find the grill, the designers have also made the lights in the shape of the Mercedes stars. The actual Mercedes badge sits upper on the bonnet like on the AMG One. The side profile of Mercedes’ vision of the future reminds a bit of the McLaren Speedtail, with a very aerodynamic roof. This allows the car to have a drag rating of below 0.18Cd. The concept model has 20- inch magnesium alloy-wheels with see-through covers. The rear is styled very uncomplicated. That one reminds a bit of the VW XL1. The rear light is a big bar which drops on the sides, a bit like a rounded upper half of a square.


The interior is styled futuristic, however it shares features from current production models, like the steering wheel for example. The interior is coloured in white and blue, typical for Mercedes EQ cars. The dashboard has no physical buttons at all anymore and consist of only one huge screen.


“Electric range sounds easy but is a complex technical challenge. The easiest way is to put a bigger battery in the car. However, this leads to diminishing returns, due to size and weight. With the Vision EQXX, we’ve managed to push efficiency to a new level.”

Joerg Bartels (Head of the EQXX engineering team)

Mercedes claims that the one-off is the most efficient car ever. It has 10km (6.2 miles) per kWh which in the language of petrol cars, would be 100 km per litre (282 UK mpg) ! It has been achieved using a newly developed motor and a bespoke lithium ion battery. The supplier of the EQXX’ batteries is the Chinese company CATL. They say that the batteries have just half the size of the ones in the EQS and weigh about 35% less, 495kg. The most impressive thing however is the fact that it has a range of 1,000 km (620 miles) ! For us enthusiasts there is also an interesting factor. The development programme for the EQXX is said to have key contributions from UK-based Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, which builds the V6 turbo-hybrid powertrains for Mercedes’ Formula 1 cars. Intriguing is also the car’s thermal system. It uses warmth from the drivetrain to heat the cabin, and a plate underneath the car takes advantage of airflow to cool it. Mercedes also claims that 95% of the power produced by the electric motors ends up at the wheels, which seems astonishing compared to the 30% in an average petrol powered car. Speaking about the motor, it has 201hp and mounted within a lightweight carbonfibre subframe at the rear and drives through a single-speed transmission.

Chances for entering production

“There are many, many elements of the vehicle which are very close to moving into series production. We can look at the shape and form of the vehicle, and we are very close to the series car that we are going to see in 2024 with all the ingredients to make it one of the most efficient electric vehicles that exists"

Marcel Schäfer (Chief Technology Officer)

After all those impressive informations, there is still one question left. How big are the chances of the EQXX for entering production? Well, chances that it will look exactly like that are as usual for concept cars rather low. However the EQXX is actually a driving and running prototype and according to Chief Technology Engineer Marcel Schäfer one “could take a spin in few months”. He also adds that the car is actually build close to a production model. Does that mean we are going to see this car on the roads soon? Since the EQXX uses a powertrain which is meant to be put in production in 2024 and we have not seen an electric C-Class yet, that actually sounds realistic.

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      20 days ago
  • The headlights are a bit too big

      20 days ago
  • Kia EV6 vibes from the back. I actually APPRECIATE the steering wheel in that car. It looks good. I wish Mercedes brought back the luxuries and the spirit of their old cars back. The brand will be so much better

      20 days ago
  • They coldn't come up with prettier rear lights? Mercedes couldn't come up with prettier rear lights? And what about the interior? How is this even design?

      20 days ago
  • You see the interior and say ok thats cool but then you see the exterior of the car and you realise that the interior is the only reason you would hardly consider this car.

      19 days ago