The Mercedes G500 4x4 Is A Beast!

    2y ago


    - video via @speedsuspects on instagram

    When she says come over but the road is destroyed.

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    • Russians....

        2 years ago
    • Whoever was recording that probably froze to death

        2 years ago
    •'s not a 4x4 squared

        2 years ago
    • Now do it again but slow down and crawl. No doubt Mercedes makes a hell of a 4X4 but cannon balling through the hole doesn’t show it’s potential or driving skill.

        2 years ago
      • Have you ever seen anyone crawl on ice? No, because that's not how winter driving works

          2 years ago
      • Your right I have no idea how winter driving works

          2 years ago
    • who pulled the short straw to go back in for his reg plate

        2 years ago


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