The Mercedes VISION EQXX is a Volkswagen Xl-1 from the future

This new Mercedes concept promises over 620 miles of range on one charge and it looks quite a lot like a very special little Volkswagen

3w ago

Mercedes-Benz just announced a brand new concept car that goes by the name of the 'Vision EQXX' and it is an all-electric luxury GT car that aims to "take electric range and efficiency to a whole new level."

Before we get onto the EQXX, what's an XL-1?

As the title suggests, this new all-electric concept from Mercedes is actually quite similar to a project Volkswagen worked on several years ago. This was called the XL-1 and it was an incredibly efficient diesel hybrid car that had a rear-end not too dissimilar to the one seen on the EQXX.

With a starting price of over £100,000, the XL-1 was no thing to be snuffed at. It was powered by a two-cylinder diesel engine which produced 68hp but was capable of a whopping 280mpg – a hell of a lot more than most other things on the road.

It was revolutionary and far ahead of its time and VW only sold 250 of them, which is a shame as it's very unlikely you will ever see one. Its looks are perhaps its most signature move, much like the EQXX, with its sloping back and sleek front – it's a real show-stopper.

So, why is the EQXX like the XL-1?

Well, there are three main reasons why I think the new Mercedes EQXX is the protege of the XL-1.

1) The looks

There is no denying that these two cars like alike (especially the rear) and this is because this slippery shape is what enables these cars to travel such long distances on a single charge/tank of diesel. The EQXX has a drag coefficient of just cd 0.175, thanks to the exterior designers and aerodynamicists in charge of its looks.

To put that into perspective, a Bugatti Chiron has a drag coefficient of 0.38 and a Formula One car is between 0.7 and 1.1 – so that's pretty impressive stuff from ze Germans if you ask me.

2) Efficiency

I briefly touched on this in the point above but I would like to elaborate. You see, both the XL-1 and EQXX are cars starting in a new generation. The XL-1 came out at a time where the world was beginning to think EVs were a good idea, but not one was for sure – which is why it has a diesel engine and no batteries powering it.

The same goes for the EQXX. This is a car that is trying to prove that there is a future in electric vehicles, and with a claimed range of more than 1,000 km (over 620 miles) on a single charge, the future looks bright.

Not only is the car made from sustainable materials, but the battery pack in the VISION EQXX holds almost 100 kWh of energy, yet has 50% less volume and is 30% lighter than the already benchmark pack in EQS. Pretty impressive stats indeed.

3) They're both being bold and stand up for what they believe in

When VW first showed the XL-1 the world was very confused as to why they had made such a small car that could travel long distances on a single charge. Not only did it looks weird, but it also was of no use to anyone because fuelling up wasn't a problem. But now, with the rise of electric power, people want as much juice as possible for longer journeys which is why this new Mercedes concept needs to be noticed for what it is.

It's not just some money-grabbing exercise to hype Mercedes fans up. This is the future of motoring – even if the rear does look like it's trying to squeeze out a Porsche Taycan from underneath its taillights in a tricky birth.

Do you think Mercedes is heading in the right direction with the VISION EQXX?

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Comments (19)

  • Holy crap, how many brands will buy into this fad. Can't they show some strength and stand up against the government's blind decisions to embrace this silly technology?

      23 days ago
    • Sounding too much like Ethan...

      Also, I genuinely think this is a step in the right direction as instead of putting a more effecient and environmentally friendly powertrain in a car that is none of those things (worse case being an SUV) the...

      Read more
        22 days ago
    • They're promoting a technology that will not work in doing so. It's not admirable at all, it's daft.

        22 days ago
  • Am I the only one seeing Kia EV6 in this?

      23 days ago
  • Why do I see a porsche 356 in this

      23 days ago
  • I think that looks fantastic actually especially from the front, and it's a good idea to reduce drag as much as possible for obvious reasons.

    Drag reducting body shapes should hopefully become more widely used in future.

      23 days ago
  • I think Mercedes are doing everything right at the moment.

      23 days ago