The Mercedes W196 and W08 are your final Lego F1 cars of the week!

1y ago


First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who ever read one of these 20 weekly posts, commented, bumped, shared them... I received very flattering feedback every week, and all this adventure felt awesome. Of course, building Lego F1 cars will always be fun, but to be able to share it with so many enthusiastic people is a real honour.

So why are you stopping, you may ask? Well, I was simply afraid to run out of good ideas, so I decided this series would end with the F1 season.

But that doesn't mean I'll stop doing all Lego-related stuff, or even Lego F1 cars. As a matter of fact, I'm currently writing a big article using all the F1 cars you see here, plus a couple that I'm currently working on, including for example the legendary Lotus 49.

Other than that, I'm planning other, non-F1 posts: Formula E is coming back next weekend, for example. But also, stuff like Indycar or Formula 2 are in the works. And of course, at the end of the F1 offseason, I'll build the whole 2018 grid as soon as it's been shown to us, as I've been doing for the past two years.

Doing these weekly posts, I think I've slowly gotten better at designing Lego cars. Compared to the stuff I was doing when I started Square Cars, just a year ago. So I'm looking forward to many other projects in the next year! Just don't expect them to be coming once a week.

As for this week's cars, well it was a pleasure to build, especially something as different to all the other cars as the 1954 Mercedes W196. Next to it, the 2017 W08 is a huge beast, but that might have as much to do with the historic differences as with the way I built them.

As you've been used to in these past 20 weeks, I'll post instructions and the parts lists for both of the W196 and the W08 on this tribe later this week!

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Thanks again for all the support across these 5 months, and see you soon for more Lego cars!

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