The Mesmerizing Lancia Stratos HF attacking the Italian Hills

This absolutely beautiful Lancia Stratos HF V6 is raced by Silvio Andrighetti on the Historic HillClimb Championship. The 2.4L Naturally Aspirated Rally Legend from the 70´s is still a very capable machine with over 250Hp moving just 880Kg. The mid-engined, two seater layout certainly helps on that while also making the Rear Wheel Drive machine quite tricky to drive.

But above all it is a tremendously charismatic machine that even when not raced at ten/tenths, is still a mesmerizing object to behold given its incredible looks and sound. The fact that such a machine is still raced nowadays in proper fashion, like we can see here on the last edition of Cividale-Castelmonte Hillclimb, is something we can only applaud.

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Comments (1)
  • It's a absolute stunning classic when sat still but a demon when it fires up. Great article .

    1 month ago


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