The MG Cyberster is absolutely hilarious

0-100km/h in "under 3 seconds". 800km of range. Tell 'em they're dreaming.

14w ago

MG — seemingly out of nowhere — recently revealed a stunning all-electric sports concept.

And no, it isn’t a poorly-timed April Fools joke.

That’s an MG?!

Apparently, so.

It looks, dare I say it, alright.

It is a handsome thing.

Though, I wish they hadn’t included classic MG-aping elliptical headlights in the final design.

It's particularly hilarious when you bear in mind that for the last twenty years, MG has mostly specialised in producing utter crap.

Spittin' bars. Or whatever the kids say.

What’s wrong with elliptical headlights?

There is nothing inherently wrong with them, they just happen to be a little… dull.

Especially when you consider them alongside the seemingly incongruent striking rear end with its sharp angles and rectangular rear profile.

Give me the gritty details.

In case you missed the press release, it read something like this:

“Yeah, we might go out and have a slice of the sports car market pie. Our car would be electric and absolutely crush the competition. How hard can it be?”

They’re confident.

OK, they didn’t exactly say it would “crush the competition”, but wrap your mind around some of the figures MG is waving around:

The company claims the Cyberster could accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds (remember this is a sports car, not a supercar) and manage 800 km (500 mi) on a single charge thanks to “an intelligent all-electric architecture”. Eight HUNDRED kilometres. Any questions?

I have a few.

Get in line.

The Cyberster is particularly hilarious when you bear in mind that for the last twenty years, MG has mostly specialised in producing utter crap.

I mean, just look at their current line-up. They have the elementary MG3 small hatch and two mediocre SUVs — the ZS and HS.

To be fair, they do have some experience in the electric arena with their ZS EV SUV (which is a spitting image of the first generation CX-5, might I add). But let’s be real, an electric sports car is a whole different ball game.

It all reads like a bit of a pipe dream.

How so?

Consider for a moment that Mercedes is just about to release their electric halo car, the EQS. A car that is the culmination of their EV experience and seemingly bottomless financial bucket. It is peak EV. And yet, it can only manage 768 km (477 mi) on the infamously optimistic WTLP range test.

And here we have MG boasting about a car with 800km of range. Forgive me for being sceptical.

You’re a joy killer.

Perhaps. Though, as implied, MG is yet to confirm whether they’ll commit and build the Cyberster. Instead, they describe it as a showcase for their “sporting aspirations” and an exploratory advertisement hinting at the possibility of a future sports car.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope they make it. MG is hinting at releasing an electric performance car in 2024 (100 years since the company’s nameplate was founded); though whether that car is the Cyberster remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, I hope they prove me wrong. Three years is a long time in the automotive industry.

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