The Mid-Engined, GSX-R1000 powered Citroen C2 from Croatia

Taking the French Hatchback into high revving, uncharted territory

Among the many bike powered little Monsters we have presented through time, we have never seen before one taking as base the C2 model of Citroen. Not the case for Croatian driver Luka Fabijancic who races this Suzuki GSX-R1000 powered spaceframed machine on the Formula Driver Championship of the respective country while participating on Hillclimb and Slalom events at the same time.

Here on this footage we can watch him on Buzet in two different occasions. On the Full Hilllcimb, counting toards the European Hillclimb Championship, and on the onboard clip, on the shorter version used for the Croatian Slalom Championship.

On both it can be seen that the 200Hp/11.000Rpm, 620Kg little Beast is more than capable of impressing withs speed and its cornering abilities, mixing the short wheelbase with mid-engined, rear wheel drive dynamics.

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