The Mid Night Club: All You Need To Know.

Lets now take a look at what is without a doubt one of the most famous street racing clubs ever to exist.

But first.

Lets take a look at what is perhaps one of the most infamous and most prestigious street racing clubs in the world and lets break down the fundamentals of what made the Mid Night Club so special.

The start of a real legend.

The legend began when the Mid Night Club was founded in 1987, This was around the time when Japanese car manufacturers limit their horsepower and top speed due to a increase in car accidents during the period but engine tuners soon realized that there was a potential in tuning these cars even though they were limited by manufacturers in the factory, many of these tuners began to work in clubs and the Mid Night Club was one of these clubs who's main task was to see how much speed they could get out of their cars thus why using cars like the Skyline GTR that had a engine that had almost unlimited tuning capabilities and could be pushed to the max.

Why use a expressway?

Bayshore expressway or else known as the "Wangan".

Bayshore expressway or else known as the "Wangan".

You may now be asking why did they not use one of the many test tracks in Japan to test their tuned speed machines, well to understand why you must first know what the Bayshore expressway is or as many know it, the "Wangan" is.

The Bayshore expressway is a 70 kilometer stretch of tall highway of greater Tokyo that runs from Yokohama city, Kanazawa ward, to Ichikawa city of Chiba prefecture, so obviously such a long stretch of nearly almost straight road will be used for testing their cars, they usually went at night when there was not allot of traffic that made it allot easier to hit speeds as high as 200 mph and most of all if your testing how fast a road car can go why don't you test it where road cars are usually driven, on an expressway.

Their code of ethics.

When you think of a club of street racers the picture that comes to your head is probably a teenager who after watching the whole Fast and Furious franchise decided to put a fart can on his Vauxhaul Corsa and carelessly drives like a maniac putting the lives of pedestrians and other road users in danger but the Mid Night Club wasn't like that, they lived by a strict code of ethics and put the lives of not only their fellow racers but also those of other motorists and pedestrians first and followed a strict set of rules to insure that no one gets hurt or even worse came in a fatal accident, these rules included such as that you only race at night and that you don't race in places with heavy traffic and that you only race fellow members.

These are the one of the best quality's of this club that even made them massively respected by the police, it kind of sounds strange that the police of all people would respect a group of people who were partaking in an illegal activity such as street racing but what the police respected about them is their code of ethics and the fact that they cared about the safety of others and also the lives of their fellow members.

How did you join?

Well it wasn't as easy as going to a facebook page and pay a fee and then be a part of their elite club.

You had to follow a strict set of steps to join and had to be qualified by the club members to be part of their elite club, to qualify you had to have a car that could at least exceed 160 mph and also had to have a descend knowledge of cars and how to work on them and modify them but perhaps one the most important quality's you had to have is the capabilities to control your car at excessive high speeds because obviously if you couldn't you could cause a massive accident and put yours and others lives in danger.

Just even finding their meeting places was like something out of either a James Bond movie or out of a Sherlock Holmes book, this was way before the internet and organizing a meet was done in a rather clever way by using encrypted messages in newspapers for instance it could have been an advertisement that said "Furniture for sale in mint condition, midnight at supermarket parking lot", this is without a shadow of a doubt allot cooler than sending a whatsapp to your friends so yea pretty sick.

The death of the legend.

a Bosozoku member

a Bosozoku member

The death of this legend was actually rather sad to me, the Mid Night Club was not the only club that started to flourish in Japan in that time period, the Bosozoku biker gang in my opinion is a gang rather than a fine organization like the Mid Night Club, they stood against everything the Mid Night Club stood for they did not care about anybody else accept them and always caused chaos were ever they went, they were more an criminal syndicate than they were street racers and they would later cause the end of what was the most respected street racing club of all time.

The sudden demise of the club happened when members of the Bosozoku gang challenged two members of the Mid Night Club to a race in a heavy traffic area and in the end caused a accident that took the live of two Bosozoku members and injured six civilians, they broke three of their most major rules, they raced against an other gang, raced in heavy traffic and put the lives of others in danger and so then decided enough is enough and the group disbanded for good in 1999.

They still care about their name and their reputation.

It's now 2021 and it's been almost 22 years and still just like then they care about their name, just like many of us car people we got inspired by their story but a few or even many try to to copy them and even dare to steal their name and just like Ferrari, if you try to copy them they will punish you, they don't punish you like sending you to the gulag and even though they don't do it as much or maybe even do it any more, if you would put a Mid Night sticker on your car and claim you are part of the club you would usually find your car smashed and broken the next morning they might not still do it today but I wouldn't even dare to try and put that sticker on my car in fear of it's live but even if there was a hundred percent chance that I could get away with it I still wouldn't just because of the massive amount of respect I have for the members of the Mid Night Club and will continue to have till the day I die.

So to conclude.

So a normal person might ask why I have such a massive respect for an organization what is actually considered by the law doing a crime, well yes street racing is illegal and a crime but you have admit it, they did in style and in the end set the standards that many genuine street racing clubs should try to follow and should actually respect.

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