The mid-week long read: The Porsche Curves

I always say that if Marilyn Monroe was a car she’d be a 356 ^MW

4y ago

There’s something about the 356 that has always done it for me. Nicely original or fully restored, that 1950s silhouette is truly timeless. I love the way the whole shape manages to be at once simple and sensual. I always say that if Marilyn Monroe was a car she’d be a 356. I hope she’d take that as a compliment.

I searched long and hard for the right one and it finally turned up in Bavaria. It wasn’t a total basket case but it still needed plenty doing. Luckily I know the right people these days, so after a few weeks in the shop it’s now one of the best of its kind anywhere.

My favourite element of the whole car is actually the dash. Those really small instruments, that thin, almost fragile steering wheel. There’s no nonsense in here: speedo, rev counter and temperature - nothing more than the absolute essentials. It’s pretty cosy too. There’s about enough room for a piece of paper between you and your passenger. Which can have its benefits.

I don’t get to drive it much but try to if there’s ever an opportunity. It’s a direct link to Porsche’s past, something that you notice is really important when you’re welcomed into the family. Whatever you’re driving, even if it’s the 919 Hybrid, you feel the lineage stretching out behind you. That’s what makes the brand so strong. But it’s more than that. It really is a sort of romance. ^MW

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      4 years ago
  • Lovely car. Can't see the Marilyn Monroe though. Big busty and loud?

      4 years ago
  • "Adria Blue" by any chance ?

      4 years ago
  • Congrats! and Enjoy! #Driveyourselfhappy

      4 years ago
  • Beautiful! <3

      4 years ago