- The Mini Cooper SE at the Nürburgring. Pic Credit: BMW Groupe

The Mini Cooper SE can do an entire lap of the Nurburgring without braking

3w ago


Mini claim their new Cooper SE can complete a lap of the Nürburgring without braking. Yes, you read this correctly, without touching the brakes. Utilising a power system setting called "Green Mode", the most efficient use of the battery, the car completed a lap without hitting the anchors.

So how does this involve not touching the brakes? Mini claim that their car the SE features efficient regenerative braking, a two mode system that allows the driver to adjust the deceleration according to their liking, as their foot comes off the accelerator.

More interestingly Mini are now interested in how fast the SE can take some of the most challenging of the 154 corners that make up the Nordschleife, without touching the brakes.

Green mode approaching Caracciola-Karussell (carousel). Pic Credit: BMW Groupe.

Mini also have a more powerful Green mode (they missed a trick not calling it Hulk mode), called Green+, which switches off all driver comforts to channel more power to the battery. I reckon its real life application is to give you an additional mile or two that will get you home or to a charging station.

I am very curious to see how quickly the SE could lap the 'Ring, and whether the lack of braking has a direct affect on laptime, and whether the Mini will make it all the way round. I say this because this is being done in "Green Hell", a track that is designed to punish cars and drivers mercilessly. Mini claim they can do it.

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  • For the tile question, yes, I can. Just not in a car.

    21 days ago
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  • As long as the driver knows the car and how much regen will slow the car and how fast to take the curves them sure. It won’t be easy but it should be doable with practice.

    21 days ago
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