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There's a few things we don't do ourselves at Glym 9 Garage. Well, actually quite a few things, but welding bodywork is one of them (we do have a welding machine though - it's an antique but André says it works. We'll have to take his word for it.). We didn't think much of it until we saw the bill for getting this Mini - a 1988 Jet Black model that failed its MOT on a rusted rear subframe and was bought on a whim for 400 euro - people online had bid up to three times as much for it but as André says 'cash is king'- through the test. FOURTY bleeding hours of labour for patching up the floorpan. Actually, we thought it wasn't that bad...

New goodies for project Mini Rat Rod

It's been worth it, though, if you consider the plucky little rustbucket being a great ambassador for our petrolhead affliction with the younger generation. Hardly had it passed and was it insured, or the resident highschool graduate of André's household took it on holiday with her boyfriend. Neither of them were really interested in cars, but they sure preferred the funky little thing on its red steelies with whitewalls (I'll take the credit for that idea) with the retro Cobra buckets inside (a bit safer than the hammocks that BL put in there, too - and they don't recline, either! ;) ) to Wouter's mom's shiny Suzuki Alto. Apparently, the car got lots of interest and smily faces when out and about, too...

Some say, this fits on a BMC/BL A-series engine...

What's in store for Project Mini Rat Rod? Well, take a gander at the pic above. A BMW K1100 16-valve bike engine head including individual throttle bodies has been sourced to be put on a 1300 A+ short engine with aftermarket management for fuel and spark - which will see the car's power jump from a heady 41 hp to 150-odd, which in turn will make a host of other mods advisable to say the least.The offside door is a bit too rusty even for a rat rod, a replacement is sitting taking up space. Meanwhile, our tame engineer Mitchel (21 of age) has taken a liking to our Rat Rod project and we're having a bit of a space problem at Glym9 now, so it's probably he will be the one to finish the project after we make him a nice little barter deal. :) To be continued, one way or another...

Rocking horse droppings - a non-rusty classic Mini door

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  • Love the sump guard with MINI on it.

    1 year ago
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  • Just live this little bastard Mini. It's so lively to drive even with the standard engine but can't wait to get that 1300cc twin cam doing it's best to separate the front sub-frame from the body. Do have the big 4 pod disc brakes ready to fit that front wheels though. ;-)

    1 year ago


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