- The Mini enters in a new motoring era.

The Minis : between the modernity and the lifestyle.

Mini evolves in the new era of electric car with a new model for the hipsters and the adventurers without forgetting to promote the MINI lifestyle.

What the perfect car which represents the British car of the people and the modernity in our society? Since the 1960s or the 1970s, the MINIs have created new lifestyles. If you were children at that time, I'm sure your mum or dad had to drive a Mini Austin. If you're from the 1990s, you grew up with the most adorable and clumsy British guy, Mr. Bean. He loves so much his car and his Teddy bear! How many children watched the adventures of Mr. Bean and dreamt of driving his yellow or acid green* Mini Austin. I'm one of those children. In the 2010s, I'm an adult who wants to drive the new electric MINI countryman.

The rebirth of the MINI with the refined models, the Mini Cooper and the Countryman, gave a new vision of that legendary car. Like the Fiat or the Beetle, that car of the people is practical and simple to drive everywhere. I explained the advantages of these little cars in my last article about the Renault 4. John Cooper, a British engineer, developed the British Motor Corporation Mini.

Some decades later, his works and his dreams have evolved with a next step, the first electric Mini called the MINI Countryman Hybrid Rechargeable e-All4 which will release in 2019. You will drive 40 kilometers with the electric autonomy and 500 km by using the hybrid mode . What is the cost of that automatic and hybrid MINI? You have to pay only 38.900 euros or £34.925 in the UK. It's still a Mini with many driving modes. You can choose between the AUTO eDrive, the MAX eDrive or the Save Battery. How to recharge your electric MINI? Don't worry, it's simple. You can plug in your car directly to an electrical outlet at home or on a public automotive electrical terminal.

Are you ready for a journey in the new electric Mini?

Are you ready for a journey in the new electric Mini?

Like the other carmakers, the little British motoring ambassador can be driven by hipsters and adventurers. Buying a Mini is a lifestyle. If you like wearing clothes with your favorite motoring brand, MINI has released a new collection called 'Mini Lifestyle'. Modern and very fashioned, you find a lot of things for men and women. If you want to travel, you can buy a MINI luggage and wear sunglasses, sweats, T-shirts, watches etc... You'll be happy by discovering all the collection on the official website.

Official website : http://shop.mini.co.uk/mini-uk/en_GB/mini-lifestyle/page1.html

* If you know what is the exact color of the Mini Austin of Mr Bean. Tell me your answers in the comments. That question is an enigma for me since my childhood.

Photos and video : MINI.

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Comments (2)

  • Thank you for the article, Aurelle. I haven't heard earlier of this hybrid Mini.

    My personal "problem" with hybrids is their "impurity." Combining combustion engines with electric motors is like being "two-times-half-pregnant." I am in favour of choosing only one option, which excludes the other. Moreover, having two technologies in one car is irrational as it complicates the drive and requires two times as many spares.

    With the electric cars underdeveloped in our times, the best solution, imho, will be to stick to combustion engines and ignore hybrids. Up to the moment when the electric motors will be able to move the vehicle hundreds of kilometres on their own.

      3 years ago
    • I agree with you. I would like to see a 100% electric Mini. It would be great and more interested than a hybrid car. It's like the BMW i3 finally. A car with electric batteries and internal combustion engines can be the right solution for a...

      Read more
        3 years ago