The mk8 Golf is an extremely important car.

      I know that title applies to very few of us, but I'm going to try and see will anyone relate to this recent discovery of mine.

      I have not a clue how I'm going to go about explaining this. All I can say for definite in this article is that this occured to me in both online experience and personal experience with the new Golf. And I want to say how it's played an enormous role in healing some relations with VW, especially mine. And given this I wanted to reach out to anyone (if there is anyone) who feels the same way about the new Golf, in that it's a saviour for VW.

      I say this because the 7th generation was definetely an awesome one. But it was one of the longest periods of time spent by a Golf generation as the latest edition: 8 years on the market without a replacement. The only one longer than that was the original mark 1. So my point being that we were without a second's doubt, ready for a replacement.

      But I think there was a level of hostility towards the 8. I mean there should be when so many are confident in saying it doesn't seem a step up from it's predecessor. I dismiss that viewpoint entirely, simply because it's mostly a matter of taste and taste is something that so many of you don't have.

      Personal attack of the day, check.

      Here is a picture of the mk8 Golf:

      Personally I'd go with the third option there. Anyway where was I? Ah yes, trying to get to the point of why I was speaking in riddles about how I was about to end my relationship with VW until they at long last, gave us the 8. Simply put, I was bored. I was bored of their linearity (idk if that's a word but if it isn't call Oxford because it definetely should be). The Golf was getting too familiar. The Touareg's name wasn't getting any more pronouncable and the Tiguan was about as interesting in the market as sand is to the Arabs (and that's not rascist so sit down Saudi Arabia). SUV after SUV was tasteless and overly sensible. And the Polo was good but not good enough to make me choose it over the Ceed. Actually they don't really compete do they? Still my point stands.

      H O W E V E R

      Yes. It's the lord and saviour himself, VW 8th Generation Golf Christ! God aka VW CEO Herbert Diess sent a prodigy. It's so cool, I mean one thing is sure for me, that is the coolest looking Golf I've ever seen. I mean the styling is......well, stylish (which is brilliant). It is £23,270 more than I can afford, but I'm hardly writing this from the dealership am I? And that seems very reasonable for the all-round great package you get. And that must be a fair judgement for a car that is purchased somewhere on the globe every 40-odd seconds. Anyway, this isn't a review. This is a piece on how the Golf spared VW a lot of attention and interest loss I believe. Well if anyone out there is anything like me with cars than that'd be the case at least.

      And let's be blind in facing this new era of cars that quite frankly, VW are at the forefront of. The next few years will be very interesting for us as car enthusiasts, examining VW's late character shake up. And there will be character, because no words for the future are needed in terms of character when you see this picture:

      I love that picture. It changes things for me. Maybe you're the same so share your views.

      And thank you for reading. Now take this poll. Thanks for that too. Just thanks in general.

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      Comments (26)

      • Mk5 onwards is pretty terrible in my experience. Mk4 is judged fairly, Mk1-3 I have no personal experience of

          1 month ago
        • So what was that judgement on the mk4?

            1 month ago
        • As a trend people think of it as a bit shit but alright, that is correct. The difference is some people think it was a blip whereas in truth it was the beginning of a downwards curve which hasn’t bottomed out yet (or at least hadn’t by the Mk7)

            1 month ago
      • Interesting

          1 month ago
      • Anyone under the age of 40 shouldn’t be allowed to vote in this pole.

          1 month ago
        • Why wud the community's availability to the poll? Pretty sure like 75% of the community wud be under 40. And id say very few of us if any have had experience with all 8

            1 month ago
        • You need to properly experience the cars at the era they were built to be truly able to rate them 🤷🏻‍♂️

            1 month ago
      • 8 is my favorite

          26 days ago
      • I think it’s a shame that they’ve made it uglier. The Mk7 was a far better looking car. And those new GTI rims? 🤢 Who signed those off?

        I’m also not a fan of burying every feature on the car in the tablet menu system. It’s simply cost cutting. Some regularly used features should have separate controls.

          1 month ago


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