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It's not just a girls car anymore

4y ago

Lets just get this straight out of the way, the Mini Cooper is a bloody brilliant car! I was never a fan of the Mini Cooper and that same stereotype of people saying that it's driven by girls, which is mostly true, however, until I drove one, my perception and mind instantly changed.

So there I was, in their most lethal weapon yet, the John Cooper Works. The formula was fairly simple here, take a standard Mini Cooper S, which I might add already has a meaty 141KW (189HP) send it to the eccentric power hungry boys at BMW only for them to come back with the most powerful front wheel drive Mini made to date.

The result? Ridiculous amounts of power! (171KW to be exact), 0-100 in 6.8 seconds and a top speed just shy of 250km/h in a hatch back, lets not forget, that handles superbly thanks to brilliant Mini DNA and heritage from its origins in the 50s and clever suspension to make it feel and drive just like a modern day go kart.

All this monstrous power, turbo chatter and whooshes in the front does make things very hot under the bonnet, so Mini have treated that just so with bigger and better air dams to cool that massive front intercooler.

When your driving instructors skills, that got you the licence you so proudly own in your back pocket goes wrong, Brembo have you covered with massive 330mm brakes up front that can make you stop on a dime.

For added benefit and traction, you can find your Mini with sticky fat Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres sitting comfortably at 205/40/18. In simpler terms, the tyres are nice and wide and help you grip on what we so bravely call roads these days.

Bangs, crackles and pops are all that come with the new more rowdy sporty exhaust to wake up your neighbours dogs, should you wish to dash out at 5 in the morning for a sunrise drive out of the city.

With the new JCW fitted with all sorts of kit, one of the added cosmetic features that actually work is this new fixed chiselled rear spoiler, to help you dash better in and out of traffic...or so they say.

With sharp looks at the front, a nice front bumper that means business and sporty looking rims, the Mini JCW will definitely be a stand out on the streets you so wish to prowl on.

Around the back you'll find it hard to distinguish the JCW from a normal Cooper S with the kit on it, until you pay close attention to those shouty tailpipes and badges.

My final thoughts are very simple on the new JCW, its more grown up, fun and better than ever and as a guy I have complete confidence to go and purchase one, but this hasn't stopped anyone before. You see the thing is, society paints a picture of certain things to be for a male, and certain things to be for a female but the fact of the matter is that it simply, doesn't really matter. You should buy a car because you like it, not for gender stereotypes or what the world says but because you can get in, smile and not be bothered about what others think of your choices.

The new 2016 Mini Cooper JCW, buy one. It's the best go karting hatchback you can get right now. The end.

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