The Moment You've All Been Waiting For- FINALS!

    Most of you, at least. *cough* Muppet *cough*

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    Welcome, welcome to the final rounds of the series of polls that is Wagon Competition. Today, we are gathered here to witness the battle of two absolute legends in the wagon community. In the red corner, we have the most luxurious wagon in the history of luxury wagons- Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake!

    And, in the blue corner, we have the absolute legends of legends- the Volvo 850BTCC!

    So, vote for your favourite wagon out of these two- the winner gets the title of, well, 'Winner Of The Wagon Competition' because all wagons, and cars, for that matter, are equally great! Without further ado, vote!

    And that'd be the end of Wagon Competition. The winner will be announced after a voting period of 7 days i.e. the 6th of November (IST). And if you want any other competition after this, feel free to comment!

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    Comments (21)

    • The Vanquish isn't really a wagon. It's a shooting brake. Come on Volvo, show that you're the god of wagons!!

        25 days ago
    • "Vol-vo! Vol-vo! Vol-vo! ..."

        25 days ago
    • The Vanquish will win but COME ON BTCC!

        25 days ago

        25 days ago
    • Come on Volvo!

        25 days ago


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