The Monstruous 700Hp/930Kg Skoda Fabia RS2000 Evo 2

The ultimate evolution of Rexteam´s Skoda Fabia HillClimb Racing Car

This is Veroslav Cvrcek´s Skoda Fabia in its 700Hp/930Kg from and already using its ultimate Aerodynamic pack. Current Slovakian HillClimb Champions, that has not stopped the evolution of this unit, with it apearing on Rechberg this year with a totally RearWing design, adding up to the wild bodywork changes performed by Rexteam since 2018.

Using the Skoda Fabia S2000 bodywork as starting point it has since changed immensely, both aesthetically and mechanically with its 2.0L Turbocharged producing around 700Hp by now, while using a 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox by Xtrac, mechanical diffs front, center and rear to withstand all the power among other goodies like Brembo Brakes or Reiger Suspension.

One of the fastest All Wheel Drive Turbocharged Monsters in Europe, it is a tremendously efficient machine that shows another route possible using the Skoda Fabia as base and until, what seems to be the fastest one...

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