The Monstruous 750Hp Lancer Evolution IX from Poland

And 2019 National Hillclimb Champion as well as one of the fastest Hillclimb Racing Lancer Evo´s in the World

Michal Ratajczyk and his incredibly powerful Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX conquered the Polish Hillclimb Championship of 2018 and were part of the many Monsters present at Hillclimb Masters 2018 at Gubbio. And was the second fastest Lancer Evolution model at the event while placing among the 10 fastest Touring Cars.

To achieve that, having over 700Hp from its 4G63 engine certainly helped alongside weighing only around 1100Kg. Bespoke Aerodynamic slutions helped getting all this power tot he ground, although its handling was still quite lairy, which made it quite the fan favourite. And turns out that further development will be made for the 2019 Season... We´ll be waiting anxiously...

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