The Monstruous 8.0L V10 Viper GTS-R tackling French Mountains

A Legend of Endurance Racing doing some Demo Runs at Montée des Legendes, showing how capable all its 620Hp/800Nm still are

Present on the first edition of the spectacular Montée des Légendes event in France last September was an Endurance Racing Legend that is certainly a Monster in its own right thanks to its incredible curriculum and incredible specs.

Conservatively driven by its owner Pierre-Louis Carpéne, it was still possible to watch the massive 8.0L Naturally Aspirated V10 engine in action with its 620Hp and 800Nm. Opportunities like this might not happen all that often from here on out as these machines are starting to see its value rise, given the very successfull Motorsports career and their rarity so nothing better than celebrate by showing one "stretching its legs" on a proper Hillclimb like the one at Col de la Faucille.

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