The Mopar RAM OTG makes camping cool

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This is the Mopar RAM 1500 Rebel OTG. There's an ever-growing movement and market for adventure and "leisure" vehicles and the OTG, which believe it or not stands for Off The Grid, was designed so you could drive it to the woods and then use it as a house in the woods.

I think we can safely admit that the OTG scores bonus points simply because it is cooler than most vehicles of this sort. This self-reliant interpretation is based on the 2020 Ram 1500 and powered by a 3 L EcoDiesel V6 with a 33-gallon tank, the parsimonious engine along with the big tank should allow you to travel for miles before you need to stop and refill.

To make it adventure-worthy, Mopar has fitted the OTG with a lift kit, beadlock wheels and off-road Goodyear tyres. There's also a winch integrated in the front bumper and a snorkel, along with wheel flares and rock rails. The bed of the truck has been completely redesigned to accommodate everything you need for days. Among other things, you'll find a rooftop tent, a kitchen unit, a stove and even a sink. Photovoltaic panels have been fitted to store electricity and the truck has also been equipped with extra lights on the roof and the front grille. The Ram 1500 Rebel OTG is painted in what the company calls "Mojave Sand".

Mopar is going to showcase the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG at this year's SEMA, taking place in Las Vegas November 5 - November 8.

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  • This type of setup is very common for Australian off road campers. They have some really incredibly creative and useful setups. There is some fluff here but there are some good bits too. But Ram definitely needs to stop the "special edition of the week".

    20 days ago
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  • I love it

    20 days ago
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