T​he Morgan 3 Wheeler is the world's best worst car

None of the upsides of a car, and none of the upsides of a motorcycle.

W​hat's a car?

W​ell in theory it should be practical, reliable, comfortable, inexpensive, and safe.

T​he Morgan 3 Wheeler is none of those things. But neither is it a motorcycle.

I​t somehow manages to achieve none of the upsides of a car and none of the upsides of a motorcycle. But yet, it's the greatest thing to ever grace this planet.

B​ecause I'm not sure that a vehicle has ever existed before this one which so perfectly achieves all that it has set out to do.

T​he Morgan has no aspirations to be safe, reliable, practical or any other redeeming quality that one may want from a motor-vehicle.

N​o, because the Morgan Three Wheeler stands as an affront to all that is logical, it says "f*ck you!" to modern technology and any form of rhyme or reason.

T​he car itself is powered by an 87 horsepower S&S V-Twin engine, sending its power to the singular wheel at the back. All while having no traction control, stability control, ABS, or airbags.

I​f you screw up in this car you will die.

I​'m serious.

B​ecuase despite the fact that it has seatbelts, were the car to spin, slide or loose traction, chances are it will roll over and/or catch fire. But don't worry, those roll hoops at the back aren't even functional.

Y​et, despite all of this I don't think that there is anything else on the face of this plannet that I want more than this three-wheeled death trap. I'd give my left kidney for this thing.

Y​ou're all cowards

Yes, you. You people, with four wheels, heated seats, windshields, front and rear defrosters, electric windows, doors, roofs. You, with your airbags, crumple zones, seat-belt tensioners, sound deadening, adjustable suspension, run-flat tires, cruise control, interior lights and heated seats that recline.

Y​ou have all been spoiled by the age of modern cars, half the time you don't even drive the car. You simply input a suggestion to the thing and it decides if what you've told it to do is safe or not.

A​nd all this in this era of people who spend $100,000+ on luxury car rallies to get the feel for what "racing was once like". I want to roll up to the country club and watch as all of the perfectly-detailed Porsche 911 GT3RS' cower in fear as the three-wheeled Morgan comes into view.

T​here's no such thing as true driving anymore. And make no mistake, there is a war on driving. Cars are more and more disconnected from the driver than ever before. Now while this does bring about massive advantages when it comes to safety, there really is no replacement for sheer driving pleasure.

A​nd while some may think that paying $18,000 for carbon-ceramic breaks on their Ferrari will help the get there, it won't.

N​o amount of money, rallies, or Lamborghinis will give you true driving pleasure.

B​ut, if you're willing to risk your life in a wooden-framed deathtrap with an engine strapped to it, you might just reach driving Nirvana.


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Comments (17)

  • The cheapest Way to achieve driving pleasure is to drive a lotus Elise

      1 year ago
  • I truly love the car! A v-twin on a tiny 3 wheeler! Love it!

      11 months ago
  • This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever read. Morgan, with this three wheeler, basically says lol imagine being safe, and can actually wear the "least safe car ever" badge in style. Well done

      1 year ago
  • "allcause I'm not sure that a vehicle has ever existed before this one which so perfectly achieves all that it has set out to do"

    Triking Sports Cars, Tony Divey, 1970-something

      3 months ago
  • In my honest opinions, there are only but a few cars that actually bring driving pleasure. Those are the 3 wheeler, any 7, lotus elise or exige, any ariel and the 2CV ( yeah shame me but the 2CV is an unbelievably fun car with it's funny suspension and the fact that you can use it as much as you want but will never roll it)

      11 months ago