- Morgan Plus 6

The Morgan With A Supra Engine In IT!

10w ago


You could probably say this is the car the 335hp turbo straight six should always have been in. 1075kg is a much better weight than the bloated size you now get in a BMW Z4 or the new Supra and because of this, the performance is just so much better. I got the chance to drive a Plus 6 for a few hours near Malvern where the Morgan factory is and made a video with my thoughts. Check it out below!

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  • Excellent

    2 months ago
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  • That BMW shifter just grates with me. You’d think that Morgan, at that price point, could have done a bespoke item!

    2 months ago
    • I spoke to them about this, there is a tonne of electronics and stuff in the shifter and at the moment it doesn’t make financial sense to do their own

      2 months ago
    • I’m sure...but it still grates with me.

      2 months ago


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