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Maybe this would not be anything strange, but the company that used to produce vehicles with Moskvich markings has not existed for some fifteen years

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Maybe this would not be anything strange, but the company that used to produce vehicles with Muscovite markings has not existed for some fifteen years, until it went bankrupt two decades ago. However, the website of the non-existent company still exists, and you can visit it. What many will find interesting is that it is available for review and price list from 2001.

There, for example, it can be seen that at that time the most expensive modification of the Russian model was marked Moskvich-2142/44 "Ivan Kalita" and it then cost between 510 and 574 thousand Russian rubles, while the cheapest was Moskvich-21412-136-01 Svjatogor ”, Which was offered for 115.8 thousand rubles. Having in mind that one euro could have been exchanged for about 27 rubles in December 2001, it follows that the most expensive version was offered for the then 18,900 to 21,300 euros, while Svjatogor was offered for only 4,300 euros.

Before the factory was closed in 2002, the mentioned Svjatogor, as the Russians call it, was assembled in Moskvich's plants, and it was configured as a hatch, van and pickup, with several alternatives in terms of the powertrain. It could be obtained with a 1.6-liter "Lada" engine, Renault's two-liter, and units with a volume of 1.7 and 1.8 liters, developed by the company Ufa Motorniy Avtomobilny Zavod (UZAM), were installed. The most expensive modification of Svjatogor was the one with a two-liter French engine, and it cost 5,860 euros at the time.

All amounts disclosed in euros are recalculated at the stated exchange rate from December of that year, but the price list is dated September and the prices include 25% sales tax.

Additionally, in the period between 1998 and 2002, the Moskvich-2141 "Yuri Dolgoruky" hachback was made, and its price was around 5.2 thousand euros, and it could have been about twenty percent higher, if the buyer opted for motorization from Renault.

In the same years, Moskvich-2142 "Knjaz Vladimir" was also offered. It was offered with front-wheel drive or on both axles, so while the first one had a price of around 5.5 thousand euros, the second one was about 35% more expensive.

Moskvich 2142 Knjaz Vladimir

Moskvich 2142 Knjaz Vladimir

From 1999 to 2002, the Moskvich-2142 Ivan Kalita sedan as well as the Moskvich-2142 Duet coupe were made in the factory. Following the letter of the price list, or rather the figures of the price list, it turns out that the sedan was available with an "unbreakable" (as the Russians say) Renault engine, while the coupe modification was powered by Lada's engine (1.6 l), ie the unit he developed VAZ.

An overview of the optional prices carries a story of its own, and is presented separately on the azlk.ru website. For example, the seats of advanced design were offered for the then 280 euros, while it was possible to get a central lock for about 430 euros. For less than 800 euros, you could get a complete electrical package with many functions that were powered by electricity.

Moskvich-2142S0 "Duet"

Moskvich-2142S0 "Duet"

Finally, let's say that the production of Moskvich was stopped in 2001, and that in 2002 there was a permanent interruption of the production of spare parts by the company. The company officially went bankrupt on the last day of February 2006, while the following year it officially ceased to exist.

Perhaps the greatest treat remained for the end. Since 2009, Volkswagen AG has the rights to the name and use of the Moskvich badge, while the German concern has extended the right of use until the end of 2021.

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