The Most Attractive Italian Classic

44w ago



Berlina 2000: European cars of the 60s 70s and 80s focused on midsize sedans the captured the spectators' eyes, with their chrome bumpers trim and iconic grills, as you can see accented in cars such as the BMW E9, Citroen 2CV and the 2000 Berlina (Pictured above). Although the Alfa shared many design ideas with other Euros it still is able to set its self apart as the most beautiful Italian car, if not the most beautiful European car of the 1970s.


"it is first and foremost functionality, without a doubt, that validates the project..."

giorgetto giugiaro


Giorgetto Giugiaro’s name is synonymous with automotive design immensity, designing cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Fiat Panda, BMW M1 and numerous more. Giugiaro not only wanted elegance but also utility. The interior is precisely what you’d expect getting in an 1970s European car, fitted and modest. The Berlina was plastered with striking leather and wood trim. The thin hint of chrome bounded the interments and door panels carrying the chrome ques from the exterior. A lack of airbags kept the dashboard minimal, everything was aesthetically appealing with quality materials and hints of Italian craftsmanship.

Everything from the turn signals to the windshield is seamlessly crafted, with soft curves that catch the sun and display saddle elegance. The Berlina had some sporty versions made but, in the end, it was still just an European family car. One distanced element made this “family car” standout from the rest, just as the iconic BMW kidney grills, the alfa ‘V’ or ‘Villa d’Este’ grill as its formally known adds an aggressive tinge contrasting perfectly with the guiltless quad circular headlights. The outward facing wiper arms and single door side mirror are a couple of other features that made the Alfa unique.

The elevated greenhouse gave the impression that one was sitting up higher than they truly were from the road, giving one a sense of authority and control as they zipped down the narrow Italian village roads. The soft curve from the windshield the nose kept the Alfa from looking comparable to a boxy Volvo or Lada. The sunlight highlights the Italian silhouette, no matter if the Berlina was fitted with steel or alloy wheels it still holds its prestige and handsome Italian craftsmanship.

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