The most brutal Lancia Delta in Hillclimb Racing - Yellow Bull´s last version

Franz Nowak´s Yellow Bull is one of the most outrageous Monsters ever to step in Hillclimb Racing with its 700+Hp 2.0 Turbo engine and only 1050Kg of weight.

Unfortunately the last races where this machine were used competitively were on 2013, and since then it as been put up for sale last year. Check the Ad, to confirm its capabilities and get to know some of the details that make this such an exciting Racing car.

Well, this is the chance for a very lucky person to by a piece of Hillclimb History. And one that once did a 0-100Km/h sprint in 1,5 seconds, all clocked by an independant source. So here it is, one of the definitive Monsters of the Sport, that definitely deserves a proper comeback..

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