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This lot could've been a lot better.

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We all love a world where you can be sat in your bedroom or living room with a lump of plastic and electricity in your hands, allowing you to control virtual machinery that you could barely even dream of owning. There have been some incredible racing video games in recent times and as a 19-year-old former introvert, I believe I’m semi-qualified to have my say on distinguishing the frauds from the cream of the crop. This is where I expose those frauds. And yes, this is going to be quite a negative rant, so strap in.

Forza Motorsport 7

Of course, we begin with some controversy. I also had the choice of 5 or 6 for this list, but I went for the one I was personally most excited for. This game wasn’t exactly bad, but it wasn't exactly good either. Back in 2017, Turn 10 released the 7th installment of the Motorsport side of the Forza franchise. This side was loved by the more competitive car enthusiast compared to the Horizons, which enticed non-car people into the land of the racing game. Forza 7 was the next release after the very successful Forza Horizon 3, so there was high anticipation. All this anticipation turned out to be a slight waste in energy. This game was just a bit lacking. It had many very similar cars to Motorsport 6, but this time with a stupid homologation system which many people didn’t even stick to. I’d always get a slight tick of annoyance when I’m upgrading my car and a little warning pops up, telling me these tyres are too good for the homologation class of my car. Don’t you dare tell me my S2000 isn’t sufficient enough for some racing tyres. Multiplayer wasn’t too bad, but if you wanted to play a unique game mode, no one else would be playing it. To play against other humans, you’d have to do one of the more popular class races, such as S or R class. In terms of the campaign, there isn’t much to say besides the fact that I can barely remember there being one, since it felt exactly the same as doing some free play, giving me no incentive to progress. The range of tracks and graphics were upsides, but a substantial need of content was the cause of the game's demise.

Dirt 5

Off the Forza rant and onto a game that I do actually think is bad. I’ll make this brief and explain why you probably shouldn’t get this game. Do you like single player? There is a single player option where you drive some cars against some other cars and question your entire existence after 5 races. No against the clock on rally stages, just some very repetitive rally cross style races with nothing more than some decent visual effects, which I will say are very good on a next generation console. Do you like a broad multiplayer where you can race against your friends in many ways? That’s a shame. You can do exactly the same as in single player, but this time you can spend 5-10 minutes searching for a match of 2 people who will most likely rage quit half-way through. The matchmaking is horrific, and the end result isn’t anything exciting either. Do you like games that frequently add new free vehicles for you to grind towards as a reward? Again, big shame. There are DLCs with cars that you’d barely want if they were free, let alone costing you your hard earned wonga. I could only think of 2 genuinely good things about this game, and I’ll throw them out now. Firstly, is the Playgrounds section. You can play little time trials or gymkhana events created by the community, with a lot of them being a lot of fun to play. Secondly is the graphics since this game is visually stunning. Once you’ve admired the effects of the ray tracing and textures, you’ll realise you’ve paid 60-something Great British pounds to play a few time trials and reinstall it every few months to see if the game is any less rubbish. I’ll save you the effort: it probably isn’t.

Project Cars 3

Here it is! The one you’ve all been waiting for! But not for the reasons you may think. I’ll be completely honest here. I really like this game. I’d even go as far as to say that I love this game. It was just a very fun game, with a decent number of modification options, a nice range of cars and a single player mode that I wanted to progress through. However, this big disappointment lies within the marketing. This game was advertised to be the next big simulator, picking up on all the times where they’d dropped the ball in Project Cars 2. But a simulator, it was not. This caused a big offence to the simulator community, since it was quite heavily on the arcade side. Meaning no one played it. Really, no one. I love my multiplayer, but it just couldn't make any matches. The physics of the game were very fun with the way you could chuck the car around, but the main audience of the former Project Cars franchise was sim players, not arcade. This gave the game a sour taste, since the lack of multiplayer put me off it. If they’d advertised better and released the game under a different name, we’d have a great game on our hands. But no, now we have a decent game that fell into the shadow realm of forgotten games.

It’s not that I would recommend against buying these games, I’d just say to not go in with your hopes high. That being said, if you want a good Forza Motorsport, go with 4. If you want a good Dirt game, go for Rally or Rally 2.0 for the rally side or Dirt 3 for a good arcade version. If you want a good Project Cars game, I can’t really comment since I didn’t play the first two much. However, Gran Turismo Sport is a great racing simulator, which I have played.

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  • If someone says Gran Turismo Sport, I will riot

      1 month ago
  • I hated FM7, the physics made no sense, the penalty system was problematic, and the multiplayer sucked

      1 month ago
  • I just started playing Project Cars, I got a virtual reality setup and holy crap it’s amazing, that being said the game lacks in areas for sure, but if you have a VR rig, check it out!

      1 month ago
  • Project cars has always sucked

      1 month ago
  • dirt 5 is awesome because BRONCO and TAYCAN

      30 days ago