The most expensive cars of the 75th Members' Meeting: GT1 legends

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- Goodwood's 75th Members' Meeting played host to a demonstration race featuring legendary GT1 cars. Taking part were the likes of the McLaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 GT1 and Lotus Esprit GT1. All photography by Richard Pardon.
- Many of the endurance racers present were privately owned. Some, however, were supplied by race teams – or, in the case the 1998 Porsche 911 GT1, straight from the manufacturer's museum...
- The Lotus Esprit GT1 was a very capable, although unfortunately unreliable, GT car. Its success did boost Esprit sales, however.
- The Esprit GT1 was eventually succeeded by the far more modern Elise GT1.
- There were several Porsche 911 GT1s present at Goodwood, including this Evo variant.
- Regular F40 not doing it for you? How about the lighter, more powerful and more capable F40 LM?
- Twin air-to-air intercoolers help keep the F40's intake temperatures in check. You'll see a similar set-up in the road car.
- Ferrari reputedly built 19 LMs, two of which were present at the 75th MM.
- Goodwood received a total of 14 entries for its GT1 event.
- A '97 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR was among the entrants, albeit for static display purposes only.
- The McLaren F1 GTR's V12 engine puts out in the region of 600bhp, down from the road car's 618bhp due to series-required air restrictors.
- The Lotus Elise GT1 was developed for the 1997 season of GT racing. It retained the Elise's aluminium chassis, although it was heavily upgraded, and featured carbonfibre bodywork.
- The Porsche 911 GT1 Evo meets its non-Evo counterparts.
- The red F1 GTR is owned by Nick Mason, Pink Floyd's drummer.
- This '98 GT1 came straight from Porsche's museum. It's powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.2-litre flat-six.
- The car is signed by Norbert Singer, the long-standing Porsche engineer responsible for the project.
- Drivers at the event included Esprit enthusiast Peter Downes and David Clark, former sales director of McLaren.
- Dario Franchitti was behind the wheel of the Porsche Museum's 911 GT1.
- The first high-speed run took place on Saturday.
- So, one of these, or an F50 GT?
- Unfortunately, Mason ran his F1 GTR into the wall during the demo race. It'll no doubt be repaired, though, so you'll likely see it in action in the future.
- The 911 GT1 was capable of exceeding 200mph.
- One road car variant of the Elise GT1 was built.
- An F40 LM sold last year for £2.5m.
- A Porsche 911 GT1 will set you back a similar amount. Best set aside a similar amount just in case you damage it...
- A 'longtail' version of the F1 GTR sold at auction, three years ago, for £3.2m. No doubt it'd be far more expensive today...
- The F40 LM is often dubbed 'the ultimate F40'.
- High-speed runs also took place on Sunday.
- This McLaren F1 GTR, number #06R, finished 3rd at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995. It was later converted into a road car but still retains its motorsports livery, fortunately.
- Want to see the cars in action? You can watch the entire live stream on Goodwood's YouTube channel now.

They might be knocking on the door of 20 years old or more, but these awe-inspiring machines can still walk the walk...

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