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The Most Expensive Ferrari GTC4Lusso?

A unique example of Ferrari's four seater supercar

2y ago

By Nitish Deshpande

A few months we reported on a unique Ferrari F12Tdf which had bespoke components such as circular fog lamps and a redesigned front bumper. Now we have come across a GTC4Lusso which has been given the same treatment. The similarities regarding the colour and modifications suggest these two cars could be sharing the same garage!

Image Credit: @topazdetailing

Image Credit: @topazdetailing

Topaz Detailing has posted the above two pictures of this bespoke tailor made GTC4Lusso. This example is sporting two front fog lamps which have been incorporated in the front grille. Another unique feature which this car boasts is a front bonnet scoop! These changes might go unnoticed by the untrained eye due to the subtle exterior paint.

Ferrari's tailor made program allows the customers to customize the cars as per their own wish. This customization is not known to be cheap so you can expect this is the most expensive GTC4Lusso out there!

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