- The Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. Pic Source: Aston Matin.

The Most Expensive New Aston Martin Yet - The DB4 GT Zagato Continuation

There is a lot of love for Aston Martins, it does not matter whom you speak to there is just a lot of love for a model or another. Two years ago, I found myself in love with the the DB4 GT, a beautiful car meant for racing. It is also a beautiful car just to look at. Recently, Aston Martin announced a continuation model for the DB4 GT Zagato, I found myself drooling over my computer screen.

The new model has a larger capacity engine than the DB4 GT continuation and the original car (which had a 3.7 litre straight six). The continuation model has a 4.7 litre of straight six producing 390 horsepower and all the power goes to the rear wheels. It has a 4 speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. For a purist who loves classic cars, this is close to the holy grail.

The 4.7 litre straight six. Pic Source: Aston Martin.

On the interior the car is covered in obsidian black leather, this covers the pads on the carbon fibre race seats, door cards, headliner and the rear environment. There is also a FIA approved roll cage for safety reasons and is standard, along with this other standard equipment is the Borrani silver painted wheels and polished lips.

The Classic Interior with sights of the roll cage. Pic Source: Aston Martin.

The body panels have been hand finished from 1.2mm thick aluminium sheets and created using the old fashioned Aston Martin manufacturing techniques, which were prominent at the time of the original car. The panels dress a light weight tubular frame chassis optimised for track work. On the body, the paint is Rosso Maja red paint which is matched to the original car created by Max Meyer and ICI (these were the original paint suppliers for this car). The car takes a total of 4500 hours to be created.

The DB4 GT Zagato continuation follows in the original DB4 Zagato’s footsteps with only 19 examples to be produced. It’s exclusivity is remarkable. It even shares the same purpose - to race. Back then it was Ferrari, today it will be in classic racing events. This is a track only car, I can say it is one of the most beautiful track only cars till date.

This will be Aston Martin’s most expensive car yet, and the people who will purchase this car will get a matching brand new DBS GT Zagato. The pair will cost US$7.9 million plus taxes. On the plus side at least the DBS Zagato is road legal.

Aston Martin have chosen to debut their track only DB4 GT Zagato at the 24 hour Le Mans race, at the Aston Martin’s VIP Hospitality facility alongside the racetrack. This car will be on show throughout the race. I have to ask all you petrol heads this - Is the pair of Astons Martins (DB4 GT Zagato continuation and DBS Zagato) worth $8 million?