The Most Happiest Miata I Have Ever Seen!

Jack Forbes posted in Mazda

2y ago


This, this is the MX5 Miata I need in my life, period. It is the most meanest looking bit of kit I have seen in some time, coming from a small car that is.

I have been browsing the interwebs for some ideas, from 8-ball gear knobs to a V6 engine swaps, but the little bunny caught my eye. The mean wideness of the arches to the perfectly swept spoiler, it's just beautiful piece of art.

I found the kit online at a price of £730, which isn't too bad, but a lot of you may think that it is rather expensive just to put on a little old car. To that I say nae, I say if you want something like this it is worth the money and effort. Shame I have only one of those, and it's not the effort holding me back. It's a real shame to be honest, because as much as I say nae to the haters, I just can't see myself doing it.

Now, saying that, there are many other body mods out there, JDM old school arches, ducktail spoilers, the "Lip R" splitter, the list goes on, but these are the cheaper alternative to the rocket bunny. This is now where I need to think to myself, is it worth going down the root of saving and getting the rocket bunny kit or go completely different and going with a mixed kit look? These are hard choices, ones I would like others opinions on. Also if you were to do it, what would you choose?

Credit to Rick’s Car Care in Dublin, these are the guys who built the mighty rocket bunny Miata.

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