The most outrageously modified Golf GTI Mk2 that you can buy, soon

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I have a theory - if a man can reinvent a Batmobile without messing it up, he certainly can achieve anything. Just a few days ago, I posted about this spectacular BMW CSL ‘Batmobile’ concept by virtual designer Khyzyl Saleem. Clearly the guy knows how to operate the keyboard and the mouse aesthetically. And now, he’s swivelled his way around both and some other complicated software to come up with this deranged widebody Mark II VW Golf GTI render. Does he have the Midas’ touch?!

I believe James May wouldn’t be a big fan of his mods as Khyzyl ’lives to offend’. His renders and body kits might not seem tasteful to all the people in a room, but that doesn’t stop him from consistently making them. And that undeterred determination has borne fruit finally as Khyzyl went on to announce that he’ll be bringing this Golf GTI render to life.

Thirteen weeks ago, Khyzyl took to Instagram to showcase this render for the first time to his audience. He thought it would be great if this widebody kitted Golf GTI would comprise a “What If” series and vowed to build it in the future.

After speaking to JP Performance and Prior Design, both famed as outrageous car tuners, and expressing his interest to build one; the trio decided to bring this render to life. I can envision them enjoying the build process and looking at awe as they attach each component on the shell.

Speaking of the shell, would you just look at this thing. It looks like a muscular hot hatch ate a race car for breakfast and got some race car components stuck at its teeth. How else would you explain that massive rear spoiler and that freakishly low air splitter at the front?

Not to forget those sizable fenders at the front which look like they meant to cover the wheel well with the tire, that’s it. Nothing else gets in. Not even minuscule things like flies or amoeba or coronavirus particles. The rear fenders, however, are twice as enormous than the front ones. That extra width volume was added to accommodate the super-wide rear wheels. Tractors have wheels smaller than these!

When this mental vehicle hits production, it has to be running on air suspension to avoid getting stuck at speed bumps. Also, it has to have that minute bumper at the rear so that people tailing it could be amazed by that rear axle setup and those custom exhausts. I’m not sure if the driver of this will be able to witness any of those reactions due to multiple louvres on the rear windshield, but those louvres certainly add to the drama at the rear.


What I would also want is the car to retain those vintage checkered seat design along with the red lining on the front grille with the GTI badging done in red. Furthermore, the headlight setup should also be kept identical, and the same goes for the exterior colour scheme. All-blacked out with minimal red accents. That’s how one paints a hot-rod!

While we can rejoice on the idea of this being fabricated, we’ll have to wait it out for long. Two reasons. Firstly, neither of the trios announced any deadline for it to see the light of the day. And secondly, even if they came up with a date internally, the lockdown would’ve certainly pushed that date back by a month at the least.

But as they say, all good things come to those who wait. We’ll undoubtedly have to stay put until we put this pandemic to rest and keep encouraging renders like this to get produced. The world needs a bit more insanity and we, as a collective, can provide it with some!

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