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The most realistic MotoGP experience ever, launching this April

MotoGP 21, the amazing two-wheeled racing simulation games that continues the franchise’s great history. MotoGP 21 is set to launch on April 22

The new season of Career Mode allows players to delve deeply into the team management experience, making some new features available for both on and off the track decisions. Building the best team possible and customizing the bike are keys to success. Being fast on track is now all up to you.

The Personal Manager leads the staff, helping riders to look for new, prestigious contracts from the best teams in the championship. At their side the Chief Engineer is working for increasing Research Points, earned weekly or during Free Practice sessions. Last but not least, the Data Analyst is in charge of finding the perfect balance for each development area to progress in order to make all the staff effective and dynamic. Those elements have been added aiming to create the deepest and most complete career experience ever. And what about starting from the bottom with a Junior Team?

The path will be difficult, but more personal. Hiring the right people is always fundamental for success, starting from the Team Manager, who will look for new sponsorship and riders, and all the way up to the Technical Director who manages the R&D department for junior bikes. Of course, don’t forget to hire a rider, a talented young star to lead the team to the top of the ladder.

In both cases, the bike is the protagonist and in MotoGP 21 the customization is moving another step closer to reality. Assign your staff members to any of the bike development branches and invest your R&D Points to improve Engine Power, Aerodynamics, Frame and the most important Electronic features, such as Traction Control, Brake, Anti Wheelie and Power Mapping. And of course, even the look of the bike is important, that’s why MotoGP 21 once again features an editor divided into five main categories: Helmet, Livery, Suit, Stickers and Racing Number.

The future of the two-wheeled gaming experience is here.

We promised a realer experience than ever before, and the Career Mode is only one of the improvements found in MotoGP 21. The gameplay also has some iconic new features to present: the goal is to create an electrifying, tense and adrenaline-fueled racing simulation that players have never experienced before.

Bike Retrieval Sequence - Once you fall, you’ll no longer automatically respawn on track. You’ll have to get up and get back on your bike, as fast as you can. Pay attention to how you take corners.

Brake Temperature - Riding is not only a matter of speed, but also of strategy. Monitoring the temperature of your brakes is the key to always having the situation under control. If they are too hot or too cold they risk losing their effectiveness.

Long Lap Penalty - Finally, the feature is coming to the MotoGP video game franchise, meaning that penalties can now be more specific.

Bike Suspension System Revised - The level of realism is increasing again. This feature is dedicated to all the bike simulation lovers.

As 2021 is the year of next generation consoles, MotoGP 21 is ready to deliver some unmissable additions. Players who play the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will enjoy Dynamic Resolution up to 4K, along with 60 fps. The overall quality is significantly improved and the enhanced lighting creates a world that transmits all the sensation of a real race. Loading times are faster and for those who can’t live without the thrill of competition, online races are now up to 22 riders. Finally, like a wheelie at the finish line, PlayStation owners will enjoy the amazing feature of the PS5 DualSense™ with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The final piece is the next level of ANNA. Our revolutionary AI based on machine learning is back and better than ever, with additional improvements in order to race against faster, smarter and more accurate opponents than before, making the offline experience equal to a real-life race.

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