The most unreliable car in the history of the Universe but I miss it


7w ago

I bought it in January 2012 for €8k and two years, 19k miles and a million mechanical issues later, I sold it for half the price. Here's a picture of the RX-8 in its natural habitat:


The RX-8 can accelerate from 0-120 mph in third gear. I know because I've done it. Anyway, here's an award-winning photograph

Here's another Pulitzer-winning photograph

Don't ask ↓↓

And I think it looks good, too.

You've heard of buyer's remorse. You've heard of seller's remorse. The RX-8 is usually both.

What car do you most regret selling/buying?

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  • The most unreliable car in the history of the Universe but I miss it @tribe

      1 month ago
  • That’s unfortunate that it’s gone. Did you sell with a mechanical issue?

      1 month ago
    • broken down is the RX-8's default setting. I told the buyer he had to know what he was buying. "This is guaranteed to cause you trouble". I had to call the AA six times in the first five months

        1 month ago
  • My buddy had one. Really fun and good looking car but yes, plenty of issues. I’ve known a few women in that category, sometimes I miss them too😏

      1 month ago
  • But Alessandro, it had a Renesis in it. AND you could wind it to infinity and dump the clutch. Come on now. You loved that car.

    I regret NOTHING. But seriously my e30 325e. I really loved that little car. First BMW and it worked. It was fun to drive especially in turns in Colorado. I traded it in on a 99 A4 Quattro Sport black on black with tinted windows. 10k on odo. 2.8 V6. I beat the ever lovin snot out of that car each and every time I got behind the wheel. Mercilessly. Then, because it was a lease, I tossed the keys across the counter and drove off in my e29 M6.

    Worst car I ever had ... 96 Corolla with worn motor mounts, worn clutch and it rattled and shook to the point of causing me SO much pain I ceased to drive it. Traded that in on current 03 Camry which is auto. My crushed pelvis had enough. I love stick and analog which the Corolla definitely was. But damn it hurt. Dad rode in it for 2 minutes and exclaimed, "Christ this is what they use to torture people in other countries. Why did you get THIS car?". Yeah, that was the worst car. Driver's door handle broke because the plastics deteriorated since 96. Other plastic bits were breaking. I put a stereo in so it sounded ok. It did just fine on the interstate. It really just needed motor mounts and a clutch but I was tired of stick. Too painful. I did it for 15 years post-wreck. But I never had me a Renesis!!

      1 month ago
  • I was actually thinking of getting an RX7-FC as my first car

      1 month ago