The most unusual motoring story... the Y-49 Curse!

And yes, this does exist!

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There are some motoring legends. The Ferrari F40, or the Aston Martin DB5, for example. But in the other sense of the word legends, there aren't many examples in the motoring world.

However, this story treads that path. You see, back in 1990, Honda developed a new car called the Honda CRX Si. You probably aren't too familiar with it, but it was a small, sporty hatchback with rakish looks and Honda levels of luxury. It was available in multiple colours, just like any car, but one of them was special. It was called 'Barbados Yellow'.

Two years after production started, Honda quickly pulled the plug on the yellow colour. As it turned out, there was radioactivity in the paint, and it had caused many Honda engineers to get ill, or even die.

Then, tales started to come about. Owners of the Y-49, in this yellow colour, started saying that the car was really unlucky. They would get into accidents, trees would drop onto the car, they would be rear ended randomly, and animals would run across the road into them. At the time, this was discarded as a myth, but nevertheless, still known about.

As it turns out, they were right! Scan the data, and you will quickly find that Y-49s are stastically more likely than almost any other car to crash or break down or be damaged. The insurance is incredibly high for such a small and old car!

A quick stroll through the classifieds will confirm this. If you find a one for sale, more often than not, they are damaged with windows smashed and wonky panels. But some of the most disturbing quotes are in the descriptions. Owners sell these after just a few weeks, and they use phrases like 'still on its chassis' and 'drives in a straight line'.

There is even a club for people who own these cars, called the 'Why-49'. Good name, but probably not a good mortality rate!

These cars are incredibly cheap now, as a consequence! But would you risk it?

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  • Had a friend who had one of these. Had neon lights under carriage. The car was really awesome. Loved riding in it (he wouldn’t let anyone drive it and I don’t blame him).

    Guess what happened to his car?

    Crushed by a semi in a blame slam situation. Total.

    Sad too because that was an Si and it was SO radioactive it glowed at night ... or that was the neon (college days of hays). 🤔

      1 year ago
  • I believe!!!!!!!

      1 year ago