The mostly unwanted apology post return!

What can I say but ๐Ÿฅณ.

This is a historic moment, one for the books I would say. It has been MANY posts since I last apologised so publically and meaningless-ly. And honestly I wasn't planning on this, only surprisingly I was asked by MANY people (about 3) to do it. So here we are, you are so welcome:

Sorry Smokey for not putting Portugal on my favourite countries list. I loooooove......... Portugal.........

Sorry Ben Klock for taking so long to actually do this again.

Sorry Meghan McCain for rightfully calling you an uneducated brat.

Sorry Mexico for suggesting that you are just a far worse Spain.

Sorry Toby Rubie for demanding that everyone shut up and let me speak.

Sorry Smokey again for calling you smol. You are in fact, tol. Well done you.

Sorry Rialtas na hร‰ireann (the Irish government) for suggesting that perhaps you are a bunch of inactive, untrustworthy, unsuitable-for-cabinet morons.

Sorry Ferdi Kamphuis for doing something that made you mad, I honestly might have forgotten what it was just saying.

Sorry GM for admitting that Chevrolet make some of the ugliest modern cars I've ever seen.

Sorry to everyone who's apology demands were forgotten thanks to my undetermined memory loss problem.

Emmmm yeah, it's a short one this time round, but you can blame the last sentence for that.

And on those grounds, thanks for reading??? I guess? And like I said....

s o r r y.


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