The Motor Industry’s Biggest Fines [How Much did Diesel Gate cost Volkswagen?]

11w ago

H​ow much have car companies paid in fines in the last two decades? Find out in this video.

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  • DieselGate cost a LOT. A bundle. A hundred thousand dump truck loads. More than some countries GDP. A fleet of space shuttles being sent into orbit. Every Bentley EVER. More than the worlds prostitutes combined.

    Does that adequately sum it up? Should I euphemize some more?

    In fact, it was way worse than just the financial loss. VW lost customers and trust. I know people that won't buy another VW after having had a cheating diesel.

    There are acres of these cheating cars still sitting in the parking lot of the Silverdome in Pontiac. may be able to confirm if they are still there or not. Haven't heard in a while. Any photos for us?

    My favorite story related to this was the man who had to turn his car back in to VW. They didn't say what part. SO ... he kept the running chassis for VW and sold the rest in parts one at a time. Seats, mirrors, doors, windows, dash, electronics (stereo), interior materials, anything that could be pulled from the chassis while leaving a running driving vehicle, legal or not. He turned it in that way. No doors and just a driver's seat. Not sure how the end of that story turned out but I really hope the guy got his money from VW. They played him. He played them back!!

    I still love VW. But drive a Camry.

      2 months ago