The motoring advertisings : an old way to dream of the cars

The transports symbolize wonderful things for the petrolheads when the advertising are powerful.The motoring life is represented by those old posters.

Before the television and internet become the common ways to spend time watching programs, cartoons, movies and motoring adverstisings, the carmakers used the artworks to promote their new cars. In the 1920s until the 1960s, you could see a lot of mototoring advertisings designed by artists. Remember you Darrin, Samantha's husband in the American TV program, Bewitched! With his colleague, he conceived advertisings for everything. He couldn't move his nose but he had good ideas.


The motoring advertisings : Become an adventurer with your new car!

So why design some complex and artistic advertisings for the carmakers? The cars play a central role in our life. As James May said in an interview, having a car is like a love affair! You use your car to work and go to holidays. You're sad when your mechanical "boyfriend"/girlfriend or your "best friend" dies after a long and intense relationship on the roads.

The designers were right when they created scenes with cars. See the new models in streets in European capitals or exoctic places as California, Cuba or Monaco, you live a dream or an adventure. You add some women (and men) and other transports in the backgrounds. Your car is the star in the setting. Those advertisings were popular during the 20th. It reflected the way of life of people. How to travel with your new Citroen 2CV? Spend holidays in Saint Tropez. What's the best places and the best things to do driving a VW Van? Become a hippie or practice surf on the Californian beaches! When a car racer can drive fastly? During the Grand Prix de Monaco or the 24h Du Mans!

The motoring advertisings : artworks for the history of the transportation.

The old advertisings are becoming the legacy of artists who developed a story around car, ships, planes or trains. The mechanical machines are transformed in human heroes. Like the cubism, the advertisings imagined the future of the transportation. The artistic way to represent the main four transports in advertisings is really amazing because you understand why and how every way of transport can be linked together. Moving on the roads, the seas and the air is based on a common principle. Just moving in/on a mechanical machine.

Of course a car is not a ship or a plane but you can transform it into an amphibious thing. During the world wars, the hybrid transports were created to facilitate the movements of the soldiers. The URSS and the USA have secret engineering projects about that new transportation. How to invade without loosing time with lorries and trucks on the unknown roads? The flying tanks or flying cars were solutions. There is not advertisings about those hybrid cars or planes unfortunately. The advertisings are the symbols of an era where the car were artistic things and not technological machines.

If you're interested in the motoring advertisings, go to Pinterest. You find out rare and famous old posters and advertisings. You can visit my Pinterest on the motoring posters gallery to have some ideas of the importance of those treasures :


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